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Ether Valios Stimul is the leader of the SPPW and is father to Janus Valios Stimul.


Ether was once a salesman on Earth, his family in good standing with leaders of the UMFE he enjoyed many years of freedom, until after a dispute with a family friend, was tried of assassination, and sentenced to life on Mars. When the shuttle transporting him neared it's destination, he managed to kill a guard, and crashed the vehicle on the surface. With the help of the thankful people traveling with him, he formed a caravan of traders, and made his way across Mars trading materials and weapons with whomever he could find. His group armed to the teeth, they began to conduct attacks, raiding incoming transports for weaponry and supplies. He used much of his time outside of traveling to different places trading, to build a sheltered town. When residents began to flock to the town from their small outposts, they named it Stimul's Landing. He married one Margarette Steinbeck, a daughter of the boss of a notoroius crime syndicate of Earth, and together they had a son. He stayed at home much of this time, talking of a way to make the future his son would inherit, one to be proud of. He toiled long nights for months, working on a UMFE Prison Transport. Right after his son's birth, he completed the transport, and made his way to the moon, meeting Himus Jakobson and began to establish relations with rebel factions. Upon his return, he set up radio contact with the Lunar Rebels, built a radio broadcasting system for the newly dubbed Planet Wargod, and formed The Sovereign Peoples of Planet Wargod with the help of the residents of the City of Wargod.


Ether is a fun person to be around, as he is prone to cracking jokes, and excessive drinking, but when he is creative, he is not to be bothered. He is a talented inventor, and a master mechanic. He used his skills and his extreme love for his son to construct the remote robotic gird of prey, known as Mach. He has helped to establish a war factory on Wargod, in his own city, taking raw goods, and pumping out aircraft and weaponry for the looming war.

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