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The Extinction of Gods is a proven theory by Mr. Clairvoyant and Captain Cosmic that modern-day superheroes could be the lost offspring of the Twelve Olympians (Zeus, Athena, Artemis, etc.).


About 150 years B.C, the races of Humans and Gods lived in harmony in a large utopia by the name of Alexandria. Many Gods and Deities came to Earth to rectify civilizational peace, and the races came to breed with each other to spawn Demigods, the mixes of Humans and Gods. However, one Human, who went by the sole name of Carnegie, was disgusted of the idea of Gods mating with Humans. So, he became a literal dictator, and rounded up many of his "pure believers", and brandished weapons that supposedly had the power to slay a God, and marched into the many temples of Alexandria and slaughtered all the Gods, and Demigods. Ganymede, Athena, and Hermes were the first of the Twelve Olympians to die in the ensuing battle. Having heard of the chaos, Zeus quickly grouped together with several hundred other surviving Humans and Demigods and sent them away before all of the Gods and Humans would be killed. Zeus returned to face Carnegie, and the battle between them can only be described as "very massive". In the end, Zeus was struck down by Carnegie, to only make a narrow escape with the other survivors and let Carnegie's forces overtake Alexandria. A year later, the surviving few arrived in Rome, where they lived for many years. Zeus and the other surviving Olympians died of a spreading plague due to them growing more weak as time passed by.

Deaths Edit

  • Athena - Slayed by Carnegie's Forces.
  • Ganymede - Wounded and thrown off of Zeus's Temple to his death.
  • Hermes - Personally slayed by Carnegie.
  • Aphrodite - Slayed by Carnegie's Forces.


After Zeus and the other Olympians died, it was discovered several years after the attack on Alexandria that several revenge-hungry Ocean Gods found Carnegie and 4 of his men and killed them. They believed that Carnegie should receive the same unruly, unjust punishment that he brought on the Gods.

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