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He is the archenemy of Nuke-Man and a citizen of Sanctuary, USA.

Fallout Concept
Created by:
Origin: Mechanical
Category: Supervillain
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Jeremey Knolls
Known Aliases: Creep, Anti-Nuke
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5'8 feet
Weight: 157 pounds
Eye Colour: Grey
Hair Colour: Yellow
Citizenship: America
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Sanctuary
Affiliation: Himself
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents
Known Powers
Mechanical suit with all the same powers as Nuke-Man
Training / Abilities
Inventive nature
Mechanical Suit

Appearence Edit

He has yellow hair, grey eyes, a frail muscular structure, and a dark smile.

His suit is different from the picture next to this, it is only a placeholder. It is actually all unpainted, with two red biohazard symbols on him, a large one on the chest, and one small one on the forehead.

Personality Edit

He is snobby, cruel, mean, and selfish. He is also spoiled, wanting anythign he wants, especcially the powers of Nuke-Man.

He is a bully at his school, and likes to hurt kids littler than him.

History Edit

He was born in the Skyscrapers, the rich area of Sanctuary. He went to school, becoming enemies of the students Gary and his friend, Kayla McGuffin. He was smitten by Kayla, but she cared not for him.

One day, he saw Nuke-Man in the television, and was angered that someone had more power than he. He then invented a suit that copied Nuke-Man's nuclear energy and became the villain, Fallout.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Mechanical Suit: His suit has the same powers as Nuke-Man, like super strength, invulnurability, and his special custom nuclear energy generation/control.

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