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The Ferito was a Coalition of Red Nations fast moving anti-air vehicle.


As the name implies, the Main Anti-Air Tank Ferito is designed for anti-air combat. In its arsenal are four pods of "Smart" Missiles that are located on the left and right of the driver and gunner seats. These missiles are specialized to target and deliver their warhead to an aircraft with great speed and maneuverability. The missile pods are quite large and can be reloaded via a mechanical system in the Ferito, which stores a large supply of missiles onboard, the exact standard amount is somewhere around fiftey.


A Ferito in the Middle East.

The laser tracking targeting systems and anti-air capabilities of the vehicle are Uber, but it can also angle its missile pods to launch missiles at ground targets making them good as mobile artilery also. Although air vehicles generally know to steer clear if they can, the Ferito is quite vulnerable to anti-armor attacks both from vehicles or heavily upgraded infantry possessing only light armor. However, it is a versatile unit for rough terrain operations.The driver has the use of a pivoting machine gun for defense from ground attacks, which can potentially wreck soft targets, but truly this support vehicle relies on heavier units to defend it from a determined attack.


  • The Ferito is based off the Halo Wolverine.
  • Ferito in Latin means to fight, strike, deal blows, or lash out.

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