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The Alliance Forced Experimental Mutation Program was a project based around forcing mutation upon human test subjects to develop Advanced Super-Soldiers. The subjects that survived the grueling procedure used to mutate them broke up into three categories: Super-Soldiers, New Mutant Commandos, and Abominations. Forced Experimental Mutation Programs have been around since before the wars, however, the Mutant Alliance formed the only successful one.

Super Soldiers Edit

The Super Soldiers were created after they had survived the operational procedures with minimal damage done to their bodies, minds, and spirits. Each Soldier, however, has no sense of pain, are three times stronger then an average human, has a high resistance to damage (Elites having slight regenerative abilities), and instantly know how to utilize any weapon or vehicle they come across. With their memories erased, and their vocal cords removed, the once-humans are now silent, obedient, killing machines.

Notable Super Soldiers Edit

Note:The original 100 Super Soldiers were all executed except the 93rd Subject.

New Mutant Commandos Edit

Sometimes the procedure is to much for the human subjects to endure, usually transforming them into Class 0 - Class 2 Mutants. These subjects are given military training, and become Mutant Alliance Commandos instead of Super Soldiers. They also have their memories wiped, so as not to remember their previous, human existence and try to overthrow the Alliance with their new powers.

Abominations Edit

Mutation Procedure failures do not always end in death. Sometimes, the mutation forced upon the subjects is to much for their bodies to handle turning them into primitive, highly mutated creatures that the Mutant Alliance designated as Abominations. At first, procedure dictates that all Abominations are to be exterminated, however Amalgam demanded they be used (sparingly) across the globe to combat small human resistance and to clear out area's currently uninhabited by mutant's or area's mutants can not survive in.

The Abominations are not that hard to kill, but they attack anything and anybody that isn't of their own kind, swarming their prey and overpowering them. Due to these uncontrolable urges, Abominations used in battle alongside fellow mutants have extremely potent shock-collars attatched to them, so that they will get scared to attack their fellow mutants. They are extremely fast and have a strange substance constantly oozing from their bodies, allowing them to climb on just about any surface (Think angry Spiderman on Meth).

They usually travel in groups of 10 to 20, and seem to "elect" a kind of pack leader. This leader usually shows high intelligence, and aids the group by giving orders (possibly through a kind of telepathic link) to the other members. What's worse is that their saliva is highly toxic, consisting mainly of the same chemicals used to mutate them in the first place. Using this trait, they are able to infect others, transforming them into abominations themselves. Some humans, and mutants, however are immune to the harmful effects of the toxins. However, only 1 in 100 beings will survive the grueling transformation, so a zombie-like outbreak of Abominations is out of the question, and Survivors that have had significant time to adapt to the Earth's new climate are not able to be infected, however, they will exhibit increased aggression, and slightly feral behavior.



  • The Abominations are based off an enemy from F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.
  • The "angry Spiderman on meth" comment is an inside joke that me and my friends have in real life.

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