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Created by:
Origin: Mutant
Category: Energy Projector
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Maralyn LeMans
Known Aliases: Crasher, Catalyst
Species: Human Mutant
Age: 29
Height: 1.8m
Weight: NA
Eye Colour: Yellow
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: The Renegades, formerly the Destructors
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Can create shockwaves from her feet, super leaping, superhuman endurance
Training / Abilities
Seems to have gone through several past identities

Fracture (also known as Crasher and Catalyst) is a female supervillain with the ability to create shockwaves with her feet. She has worked for several different supervillain groups in past under different names.


A mutant, Marlayn LeMans was born with the ability to create shockwaves. This ability manifested rather early; rather then hiding it like many young mutants did with their powers, she chose to embrace it, finding the idea of being able to cause random destruction quite amusing. By her mid teens she was already a petty criminal, and as she reached adulthood, she seemed poised to launch herself into full-time supervillainy.

Calling herself “Crasher”, she joined up with a (now-defunct) Supervillain group, serving as one of their heavy-hitters. Initially, she enjoyed the group, working with them to engage in a number of spectacularly destructive crimes. However, after their leader was captured, she became somewhat bored of the squabbling and in-fighting that occurred amongst the remaining members and, after threatening them all with being stomped into the ground, she chose to quit.

Flitting between several other groups, she didn’t stay with many of them for terribly long, instead operating as a solo villain for a while. However, during a fight she accidentally, stumbled into the Destructors and was somewhat amused by their campaign of random destruction for the sake of it. She joined up with them, working with them for several months. However, after an attack went bad, the entire group save for herself were captured – and she couldn’t be bothered springing them, so she abandoned them to their fates.

Instead, she went underground, joining the illegal superhuman fighting circuit under the name “Catalyst”. This lasted for several months with her racking up an impressive string of victories and a good number of badly mangled opponents. However, this also bought her to the attention of other eyes; she was approached by a member of the supervillain group known as The Renegades with an offer of membership.

She accepted, intrigued by their idea of close teamwork and overlapping abilities. Adopting a new name – Fracture - and a new costume, she joined their ranks, working with them in a number of high-profile attacks. For the moment, she seems to be content to stay with them, apparently enjoying a chance to beat up on helpless foes.


Fracture’s most powerful ability is the shockwaves she generates through her feet. Spectacularly destructive, they are apparently generated by the act of her stomping on the ground. She has been known to generate several different effects through this method; the two best documented are a shockwave affecting everything around her and a directed blast that strikes out in a line in front of her. Some reports have her showing a third, target-seeking attack, but how this is generated is unclear.

Due to the nature of her attacks, Fracture deals a lot of damage to her surroundings and leaves a clear trail of destruction behind her. Fortunately, her attacks seem to require her opponents to be in contact with the ground. Aside from her shockwaves, Fracture is capable of leaping long distances from even a standing start, as well as being superhumanly durable.


Fracture very much revels in being a supervillain. Eager for combat, she rushes headlong into battle, cackling madly as she does. Probably more then a little insane, she relishes in the destruction that her powers cause, enjoying dealing out property damage just for the sake of seeing things break. She likes a good fight, and seems to relish taking on more powerful opponents just for the sake of the challenge.

Despite this, she is a lot sharper then she lets on; while often her madness may seem random and directionless, the truth is that she just as often will be acting on a plan; she may serve as a distraction, or to lure others out of hiding and into a trap. While she is insane, she can also be relied upon to follow orders and do what is asked of her, especially if it will lead to a fight.

Fracture is prone to sudden mode swings and random flights of fancy. This may be why she goes through so many separate names and costume designs; she simply changes her mind or gets bored with what she was doing.


Fracture is a heavyset, muscular woman in her late 20s. She has a stocky, powerful build and rather harsh features. Her black hair is worn short, and she has unusual, yellow eyes. Her current costume is primarily black and white, with a red trim. She wears a small mask and sports rather thick boots.

Her previous costume when she was under the name “Crasher” was primarily black and red with a white trim; there are also reports of someone resembling her wearing a white costume with a blue trim. These date from several years back, and may have been her at the start of her career. Finally, she briefly wore a black costume with red lightning patterns when she operated under the name “Catalyst”.

Costume GalleryEdit

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