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Chapter 1Edit

Three Minutes Ago William was comforting Shannon, Alex was talking with Hailey, and Jenny was singing to herself. The world was normal, or as normal as it would ever be. Mike sighed. It felt good to have things back the right way. Brendan and Mr. Roberts ran up to them. Brendan was panting, a little out of shape, “They’re gone! Sebastian and Lisa have taken off. They could be in the next state by now.” Mr. Zhai didn’t seem worried. “We’ll find them eventually,” he said, “And they won’t try anything while we’re around.” They all breathed a sigh of relief. Shannon walked sheepishly over to Mike. “I’m sorry Mike, and Molly,” she said, “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have told Isaiah about the future.” Mike put his arm around her, much to Molly’s chagrin. “It’s okay Shan. I forgive you. You didn’t mean to do it, I understand.” Shannon smiled a weak smile. No, things would never get back to normal. Mike looked at the motley group. They were from all different places, all different people, and yet here they were, laughing and mingling with each other. Yes, things would work out for the better. Suddenly, Shannon screamed. Mike looked to see her hands glowing brightly. The glow slowly spread over her body. Her screams intensified as the glow got brighter and brighter. Without warning, the glow expanded over them in an explosion of light and the world was lost to the brightness…

Now As the light enveloped Mike, he felt himself break away from Molly. He reached out for her, straining but fell through a void of space. He couldn’t see anyone. He kept falling. The world was black, blacker than the night sky. He felt a rush of wind and looked beneath him to see a shimmering portal of green grass and a dirt road. He felt himself drawn to it. Slowly, he reached out and broke the surface…


Molly screamed as she fell. Mike had slipped away from her. She strained to reach him, but he floated farther away. He was reaching too, screaming. Yet no sound reached her. Darkness enveloped her as she continued to fall. A shimmering portal appeared, and she was headed straight towards it.


The remaining heroes sat blinking as the light faded. Shannon was crying on the ground. Mike and Molly were gone. “Brendan!” Called William. Brendan ran over to Shannon. He scanned her. “She’s manifested secondary powers, specifically, the bending of time.” Jenny gasped. “You mean, they’ve travelled through time?” Brendan nodded. Mr. Zhai looked at the heroes, most still wounded or dazed from the previous battle. He sighed, “There is nothing we can do. We must trust that they will find their ways back. In the meantime, we must leave. Brendan, torch it. The rest, get in the van.” The heroes climbed into the three Glamis Electrical Vans. Brendan lit a match and threw it on the oil they had spread. The warehouse went up in flames. Brendan climbed in a van and drove off as the building burned. All that would be left were the stone walls. Everything else, including any evidence of what happened that day, would burn.


He couldn’t move. All around him the place was burning. He strained against the shackle, but to no avail. Through the doorway he saw figures running out of the flames. They couldn’t leave him here, they just couldn’t. Suddenly, through the door walked Samuel Teslar with Maddie Young. The prisoner pleaded, asking them for help. But Sam shook his head. “These are the shackles you made in life. Had you repented for your sins, they would be rusty and fragile, and you would be free right now. But your malice has forged chains stronger than steel. Now, you will pay for your sins. Now, you will burn.” Sebastian woke with a start. He sat up in the motel bead and wiped sweat from his brow. Next to him, Lisa turned over. “Is everything alright?” She mumbled. “I’m fine,” Sebastian lied. “Go back to sleep.” She was out in minutes. Sebastian slipped out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. He splashed water on his face, making sure he was awake. The motel was a dump. It was the kind you rented for a few hours after a prom. It was also dirt cheap. He was sweating too much. He fumbled through his bag for his phone. There was one message on it: “We need to meet.” Sebastian texted back. “We’re at the Star Motel, about ten miles from NA.” in a few minutes, a reply came, “Too busy. Meet me in the woods behind the Motel in two hours.” Sebastian replied, “K”, and shut the phone off. They had to plan their next move.


In the woods, in nowhere particular but Connecticut, there sat a single Glamis Electrical truck. Inside, bandages and anti-bacterial solutions littered the floor. There was a chair, and in the chair sat a man. An IV ran in his arm, and his chest had been stitched up. In his hand, he held three bullets. He had just preformed surgery upon himself. He was lucky that the three bullets had missed his vital organs. But than again, Luck was Matthias’s specialty.

………………………………………. 500 years ago

Mike hit the ground hard as he fell. A cloud of dust rose up around him, forcing him to close his eyes. When he opened them again, he saw a wide greed pasture with cows and clear blue skies. The dirt was a road, he could gather, and it stretched forward into the horizon. The cows mooed at him with mild interest. He dusted himself off and walked down the road. He could see a small wooden house down the pasture a bit, with a thatched roof and a pit with chickens and pigs. There was a field of hay on the other side of the road, one that stretched on for miles of amber, waving grain. The air seemed cleaner than the air from New Amsterdam. A dust cloud appeared on the horizon and grew bigger and bigger. He could make out an animal, maybe a chestnut horse, running in its midst. Something on the horse was shining brightly in the sun. Mike couldn’t quite make out what it was until it was nearly upon him. A man rode the horse, but the man wore a huge suit of gleaming armor, covering his whole body. However, on his shield was a gold lion’s head on a black background. He carried a long sword as well. The knight looked down at him. “Demon!” he shouted through the armor. He swiped the sword at Mike, who barely rolled away in time. “Plane shifter, wretch, foul nave!” The knight continued with his attack, and Mike barely avoided the swipes. One caught him on the exposed flesh of his arm, giving him a large gash. Mike fell down, crying in pain. The knight dismounted. “And so shall I be known as Sir Clark, the demon slayer!” As he raised his sword, a blur moved past him. Sir Clark’s armored head fell from its body, which slumped to the ground. A new knight stopped his black horse and too dismounted. His shield bore a raven perched upon a snake, biting its head. The entire picture was dark blue, with a light gray background. The knight removed his helmet to reveal a man in his twenties with long black hair and a beard-moustache combo. He swung the sword so the tip was pointed towards Mike’s throat. “State your business, odd one, and prove that I was not wrong in killing Sir Clark.” Mike stuttered as he tried to force out the words, “I-i-i’m lost.” The knight did not move. “You wear strange trappings, young oddity. Whence are you from?” Mike looked around. This place was definitely not New Amsterdam. “A faraway land, good knight,” Mike answered, wearily eyeing the sword point. The knight raised an eyebrow. “And where is this land?” Mike looked at him to avoid the sword. “It would depend greatly upon where I was, sir knight. I am a far way from home, which is all I know.” The knight sheathed the sword. “You are not a liar; I can see it in your eyes. You look a stout sixteen, lad. Have you ever ridden a horse?” Mike thought back to summer camp. Walk, trot, canter, all that jazz. Yeah, he had ridden. “Yes sir.” The knight smiled. “Than you shall be my squire. Take Sir Clark’s horse, and his armor. He has no need of them. We must find you appropriate clothing. Cloths such as those will most definitely draw a stare, and fetch a high price. Come, Endelville is not far. There are shops there where I can purchase you clothes, and a great tournament arena. If we move quickly, we can make it in time for the tournament, and then some.” Mike mounted the chestnut horse and tied the shield and sword of Sir Clark to the saddle. “And what shall I call you, good knight?” Mike asked. The knight spurred his horse, “Sir Geoffrey.” And they rode off.

…………………………….. 504 years later

Molly hit the ground hard. It was asphalt, she could tell. She looked around her to find out where she was. She gasped. Huge skeletons of skyscrapers loomed in the darkness. Burned out cars littered the streets. Pieces of discarded newspaper blew about in the wind. Everything looked dead and burnt. Molly walked down a bit, hoping to get an idea of where she was. As she walked, she heard a noise. Turning quickly, she saw three men, dirty, with shaved heads and smelling of alcohol, stumbling towards her. “Hello little missy.” One said. “Little girls like you shouldn’t be out alone.” The second laughed, “Yeah, yous might get hurt.” Molly began backing up, but hit a brick wall. The third one smiled a toothless smile. “Maybe we’s should teach her why she shouldn’t be out, eh boys?” Molly put up her fists. “Careful losers, I can handle myself.” The three men moved closer, laughing. Molly grabbed the first and focused her ghosting powers on him. He slipped through the road until only his head was above ground. “What the… boys, we hit the jackpot! A mutie! That reward’s gonna be ours.” Molly concentrated and turned invisible. The two remaining drunkards looked around, confused. The third one was thrown through a nearby wall where he turned tangible, stuck half way through each side. The last looked at his two comrades stuck in their positions and ran. Molly reappeared, slightly shaken. She walked out of the alley they had forced her into and looked around. Wait, there was a familiar face! “Jenny!” Molly called. “Jenny!” Jenny walked towards her. Funny, Jenny looked older than Molly remembered. “Jenny, ohmygod, I was so scared. Where are we, what happened?” Jenny grabbed her arms and twisted them behind her. “Can it.” Jenny said, “You’re in violation of the mutant army registration decree. In the name of Lord Alexander, I hereby arrest you.”

Chapter 2Edit

The Present

Matthias checked his watch. He had thirty minutes at best. This small Glamis safe house was connected to a main computer, and they would know that he was here. Fortunately, his old password still worked, and he was able to hack into the main storage database. Now, he was wrecking havoc. As the files downloaded to his flash drive, he deleted all important files regarding the members of Isaiah’s Team, as well as research files and records. He was taking a great risk. They would know he was alive, or that someone was using his password, and if he didn’t get all he needed now, he would not be able to come back.


Mr. Zhai watched the girl go home. Poor Jenny, to see her cousin whisked away by powers uncontrolled. Shannon was at her house already, crying a great deal. William seemed reluctant to go home as well. In fact, they all were. Mr. Zhai, however, was fascinated with Shannon’s newfound power. Mike too was an interesting case. If he were here, Mr. Zhai would love to try his new trick on him, to see how he reacted. He fondly cradled the black crystal pendant around his neck. It was a recent acquisition, one that he treasured greatly. “Brendan?” Mr. Zhai asked. “I’m going to my Uncle’s house.” He said, hopping out of the van. Mr. Zhai let him leave. They would all be back. For now, he had to locate Sebastian and Lisa. Jake drove them away. As the landscape passed by, Mr. Zhai couldn’t help but think he had overlooked something in his plan, some variable he didn’t factor that would make or break his success.


Deep within the bowels of the Glamis building stood a hospital bed. The bed had a permanent patient, under heavy sedation so he would never awaken. However, with the recent action keeping all members of Glamis otherwise occupied, the sedative was beginning to wear off. As the numbness dulled away, the bed’s occupant slowly began to awaken. He opened his eyes, and for the first time in three years, saw light. He blinked and felt the urge to rise up from the bed. But no. His powers were still weak from the sedative. Best to bide his time for the perfect opportunity. He waited three years; he could wait three more if he had to. Slowly, Abraham closed his eyes, and put himself to sleep.


Matthias had almost finished. Now, he was browsing random files, searching for anything worth reading. As he searched, one caught his eye. It was a map to an island, somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Wait, it seemed to be under the ocean. ‘Amazing’ he thought, ‘an underwater island, protected by some sort of electromagnetic field, supplied with its own oxygen.’ He read more. It appeared that the source of the island’s unusual properties was an artifact at the top of its mountain. This would prove interesting.


Sebastian looked at his watch. Thirty minutes. He sighed. He had told Lisa about the plan. She was relieved to reunite with the others. As he stood, he heard whisperings around him. He jumped up, and searched the room. They seemed louder by the door. He carefully opened it. “Over here.” It whispered, coming from the left down the hallway. He ran as fast as he could. The whispers got louder as he ran; coming to a speaking voice and it was… speaking Hindu chants? He turned the corner, and the voice stopped. From behind him, he felt a tap on the shoulder. He didn’t jump, he was expecting it. He turned to see an Indian boy, about seventeen, smiling at him. “Hello Sebastian.” He said. Sebastian smiled back, “Nice to see you Giri.”

…………………………… Three years later

Molly marched with her hands cuffed behind her. A dozen faceless soldiers in heavy armor walked on either side of her. “Don’t try your powers on it.” Jenny warned. “It neutralizes them, nothing will happen.” Molly looked carefully at Jenny. “Where are we going?” Jenny didn’t look back. “To the prison for lawbreakers and deserters. There we will ascertain your identity. If you’re registered, you’ll get a fine or small jail time. But if you aren’t, you’ll get a longer sentence. And if you’re part of the resistance, we kill you.” Molly looked around. This was definitely not her home town. “Why are you doing this Jenny?” Molly asked. Jenny stopped, and the soldiers halted. Jenny turned. “How do you know my name?” She asked. Molly didn’t answer. Jenny turned back around. “When the war began, we had to choose sides. It wasn’t easy. But I chose the right side. My cousins, however…” Molly could feel the air getting cold. Jenny could too. “Arms up!” she yelled. It got colder and colder. Suddenly, the metal guns and armor cracked. The men inside fell on the ground, their faces blue and motionless. Jenny was out of the cold area, but she looked around nonetheless. She let out a piercing scream that brought Molly to her knees. A man screamed and fell from a nearby window. Jenny drew a gun and walked to the man. “Looks like my lucky day,” She said, “two law breakers, one a part of the resistance. Hello Avery.” She laughed. “I’d take you in, but you’re too dangerous. If you don’t mind, I’ll execute you here. She raised the gun and clicked back the hammer. “Say ‘hi’ to my sister for me.” All of a sudden, she went flying backwards across the street. It was a girl who had run into her. “You should know better Jenny,” Lisa said, “we never hunt alone.” Jenny rolled away and down a storm drain. Lisa moved to it, but it was closing before she moved. “Dammit!” she yelled. Jenny had escaped. Avery got up and walked to Molly. He grabbed the cuffs. She could feel them getting colder and colder until… snap. They broke. Lisa ran over. “Are you okay honey?” She asked. Molly looked at the two of them. She didn’t know Avery, but she didn’t trust Lisa. Molly folded her arms. A look of dawning comprehension moved across Lisa’s face. “Ohmygod,” she gasped, “it’s you, it’s really you.” Avery looked at her questioningly. Lisa let out a shout of joy. “You know what this means?” She asked, “It means we can get him to fight again, we have a chance to end this war.” Molly looked at Avery, than at Lisa. “What do you mean?” Molly asked. “You’re Molly, Mike’s girlfriend, right?” Molly nodded. “He stopped fighting years ago. If he sees you, he’ll have something to fight for again.” Molly asked, “Why’d he stop?” Lisa paused. Avery nodded. “Molly…” she carefully said, “you’re dead.”

The Present:

The wood was densely populated with trees and was therefore difficult to see through. They were lucky to find a small clearing in the gray wall to meet. Matthias stood looking at the three others. Lisa, Sebastian, and Giri, each on their own stump, waiting for him to start. “As you know,” he began, “Isaiah is dead. Ted has turned traitor and too has died. Shannon is no longer with our group either. That leaves the four of us, not nearly the force we would like to plan an operation like this. Because Isaiah failed, we must strike directly at either of two sources, both of which will be heavily guarded.” He paused, waiting for suggestions. Sebastian raised his hand, “We should go after the boy.” The others nodded. Matthias held up his hands, “I was hoping you would not say that. I refuse to be part of any mission like that.” The others looked at him with contempt. Lisa spoke, “You would have us die in an impossible raid when we could end it very easily in seconds.” Giri spoke next, “We cannot risk it. We are going Matthias, join us or face us.” All at once there was a loud boom, as if thunder was passing over head. A man, dressed head to toe in medieval armor walked out of the woods. He carried a large blade which was as tall as and almost as thick as him near the hilt. “Enough” he bellowed. “I agree with Matthias. We shall attack Glamis and free Abraham.” Giri looked at him, trying to make out his identity beneath the helmet. “Who are you?” He asked. The man looked down at him. He was easily six feet tall. “You shall call me Swordsman.” Sebastian laughed. “Your kidding me right?” He stood up. “I think the Renaissance Fair is a few miles west. Just stay on the road and you’ll get there.” Two orange orbs beneath the helmet flared. “Mangy cur, you dare insult my might?” He spun and swung his sword, just over Sebastian’s head. Behind him, five trees fell, cut cleanly in two. He only used one hand to swing the massive weapon. Sebastian paled in fear and sat back down. “We shall assault Glamis,” said Swordsman. “End of discussion.”

Chapter 3Edit

The Future:

Molly was led underground into a huge facility. Cots were spread out around the place, some had occupants. The entire place was lit by a series of gas lanterns. “Lisa, Avery!” Announced a familiar voice. “Safely returned I see. But I do not think the mission a success.” Samuel Teslar walked towards them. Lisa scowled. “She got away.” Avery moved past Sam and to a nearby cot, where he lay down. Sam looked at Molly. “And who is this?” Lisa pushed her forwards. “She says her name is Molly Collins.” Sam stopped. “Certainly, not THE Molly Collins?” Lisa smiled. “Our own ace in the whole. After all these years… finally, we have her.” Sam smiled too. “I shall assemble a team at once. Oh, but first Molly, you must be tired. Come, I’ll see to it that you get some food and rest." Sam led her off across the room. Lisa went to her own cot. For years, she could not see the end. Now, there was a glimpse of light.


Across town, in an empty building, a young man sat in front of an altar, a shrine. He said a prayer, and chanted a small verse in Italian he had learned from his time there. His eyes would weep, if he had any. A tight head band covered his empty sockets, but he could see alright. He could feel everything around him, and he lit a candle with the precision of a surgeon. In fact, he did not even touch the match. Incense burned around him as he chanted, over and over. He knelt for hours, chanting verses from all over Europe, and even a few of his own invention.

Then, he left his house into the darkness of the night, dressed in a simple robe. He carried bread, and poor beggars came to him. He gave them pieces and pressed a cross to their foreheads. He kissed the babies and hugged the grownups. He spoke words of encouragement, and when he was not speaking, he chanted. Some followed him on his march through the streets of town, fresh baked bread in a bag on his back, the cross in his hand and a prayer in his throat. He blessed all who asked. If he came across a corpse, he slung it over his back and walked to the cemetery where he dug a grave and buried said body. He spoke a prayer and put the cross above their grave. He had more if needed. If they were sick, he would reach into his pack and take out salves and pills, and stay with them until they were better. Others would come to see him for food, but he made sure the person was on the path to recovery before he left. Sometimes, honest men would help him with his tasks, dealing out bread, digging graves, or nursing the sick.

He made the rounds all night and into the day. On Sundays, he held prayer in the streets. He was the only reason many were still alive. He had a calm, soothing voice, and an easing demeanor. He helped them get through the most unbearable times they had ever encountered. Most called him the Blind Monk. Some called him a savior. A few even called him a saint. But none knew his real name: Michael Young.

The Present:

Maddie walked through her house, wondering what had happened to Mike and Molly. William hadn't been out of his room in hours, so she decided to check on him. She found him at his computer, doing research. "Will?" She asked. "I've been researching this stuff, you know, to see if its happened before." He swiveled the monitor towards her. "In the medieval ages, there was a knight who was stronger than any other man alive. They say he could lift trees with one arm." Maddie snorted. Sounded like legend to her. William continued, "In Italy during the renaissance, there was supposedly a man who could heal from any wound." Maddie lay down on the bed, "But here it gets interesting. On the Mayflower was supposedly a man who could make fish jump into the nets. During the Salem witch trials, a boy was labeled as a witch and set to burn after he levitated stones. After that, they disappear for a while, but during the gold rush, one miner survived a mine collapse by holding up support beams. Then, there's World War One, where they say a man tore apart a tank with his bare hands." Maddie looked at some of his "data". She didn't believe any of it. "So we aren't the first." William concluded. There was silence. "You know what would be weird?" he asked. Maddie looked at him. "What if these were all one guy, immortal and all?" Maddie rolled her eyes. Now he was crazy.


Outside of the Glamis building, Matthias stood waiting. He was pushing his abilities to the limits. Right now, the probability that the guard would get off a few minutes early was in the seventies, as apposed to its former position in the single digits. The guard stood up and walked around, obviously anxious to leave. Matthias waited. Finally, he looked at the clock, mumbled something, and called in that he was leaving early. It would take three minutes for a new guard. In the meantime, this one would pace and wait. But he wouldn't watch. Matthias gave the hand signal, and his Glamis Electric truck moved forward into the cargo garage. He followed. He carefully used the codes he had acquired earlier from the computer and unlocked the door. He checked his watch. They had two minutes to get to the security HQ of the building. They moved quickly, all except Sebastian, who would monitor the situation from the truck. They split into two groups: Matthias went with Lisa, and Swordsman went with Giri.

Despite his size, Swordsman moved quickly and quietly. In one minute, they were in position. "This is Swordsman," he radioed to Sebastian and Matthias, "we're in position." "Good." Radioed back Matthias. With a click, the cameras on the walls stopped moving and turned off. Swordsman busted through the nearest door into a corridor. "Sebastian, I'm handing control over to you." Matthias radioed in. "Good." Sebastian said. The doors all the way down the hall opened, giving Swordsman and Giri a clear shot to the elevator. However, something told swordsman that it was too easy. As the moved, Giri spoke, "So, you got a name besides swordsman?" He asked. Swordsman looked at him. "Call me Geoffrey." He said.


The Future:

It was high noon. The Monk was praying by an altar. Or at least, that was how it appeared. In truth, he was using his mental abilities to their fullest, scanning the city and focusing on one point. Someone was speaking. He could feel the contours of their mouth. He could read their lips from half a mile away. And he could not believe what they were saying.


Across town, Lisa led Molly through the streets. They were not alone. Sam and Avery were patrolling as well, making sure that the Blue Guard wouldn't pop up. They weaved through the poor people, those who did not pose enough of a threat to Alex to be killed. The stopped in an abandoned building, evading a patrol. Sam and Avery joined them. As they waited, there was a flash of movement behind them. "If you want to sneak," said a voice, "You should be less obvious." They turned to see a man in monk's robes with a blindfold over his eyes and a crescent shaped blade in his hand. He looked at Molly. "Well, if you're not a sight for sore eyes." He said, "So, let me guess. Time travel?" Molly nodded. Mike thought for a moment. "That means that I have a double in the past that's missing you. And, you don't belong here anyway." He folded his arms and addressed the others. "This is it." He said. "She needs a ride home. Only two people can accomplish that. And both of them are in Alex's castle." Michael Young smiled. "Whatd'ya say we finish this war?"

Chapter 4 Edit

Two Days Ago:

Michael's father was outside. His neighbor's daughter, who was also his son's girlfriend, was missing. He knew his son would go crazy when he found out. He took a deep breathe. Michael was at school, so they could hide the information from him. A shadowy figure stepped behind him. "Mr. Young," the figure said. Mr. Young turned to him, "It's almost time, isn't it?" he asked. The figure responded, "Yes. All the vectors are aligned. Tomorrow, your son shall disappear."

"You're supposed to protect us. Can't you do anything?"

"You do not fully understand my position. My tenure of office is coming to a close. Your son will disappear for a while. And if he returns, than I shall disapear, never to return."

"I do not understand."

"You were not meant too. You must not speak of this to Michael. His unwitting action in this matter is crucial. He will understand in time. In fact, he will more than understand."

"Who are you?"

"I have gone by many names over the years."

"I meant, who are you really. Not what aliases you posses, or disguises you take. Who are you?"

"I am an anomaly, set apart by accident, and now fixing it through the only way I know. By guiding events to ensure an identical outcome to its original path. But do not worry. In time, I shall reveal the whole story to you."

"It is like you purposely want me in the dark."

"You have a part to play. If you had the knowledge I have, you may not play it. It is like a tapestry. You see only the back, the dark colors and the rough weave. You can get a vague sense of the meaning but not all of it. But soon I shall reveal the front, and the seemingly pointless stitches will reveal their true form, and you shall realize my purpose in weaving it. Until then, good by Mr. Young."

He left the father next to the house, as he wandered off for other business.


The basement of the Glamis Building.

The alarms sounded as Swordsman and Giri smashed into the basement. On a bed nearby was their target. Abraham rose and stared. Then he smiled. "I've been waiting." He said. Swordsman deftly cut off the metal shackles holding down Abraham. Abraham leaped out of his bed. Giri smiled, "Sebastian" he shouted through his telepathy, "phase one complete." "Roger," replied Sebastian. "Just received word that phase two is complete. Proceed with retreat.

The trio ran back through the building, fighting through waves of security teams as they tried to get back. Eventually, the met up with Lisa and Matthias, who were carrying a large bag filled with... something. They ran to the loading dock. An explosion of flame sent Swordsman flying until he smashed into a metal wall. "Oh god..." Matthias whispered, "They're here." A group of mutants ran through the hole created by the explosion. There were five of them. Mr. Roberts and Alex stood among their allies. "Surrender now, or we shall use force." Shouted Jake. Lisa ran and tried to hit Jake, but she was teleported into a decorative stone column by Melissa. "I'll take that as a no." Jake said. "Attack!" Alex grabbed Matthias and flew him away. "We don't need you effecting the battle Matthias, I suggest you stay away." Matthias smiled, "What are the chances, Alex, that you are flying faster than you think?" Alex looked at him. "Hunh?" He slammed into a pillar, and fell to the floor. Matthias stood up and laughed.

Melissa beat up on Lisa. Every move Lisa made, Melissa was there first with her teleportation. Lisa's speed was no match.

Swordsman picked himself up and tried to run forwards, swinging his blade. One of the other fighters shot a beam at him. He dodged, and instead the beam caused a pillar to crumble and fall on Swordsman. His helmet rolled away. Joseph, his attacker, stopped for a moment. "Oh my god," he whispered, "its you..." Swordsman knocked him out with one punch. He picked up his helmet and returned it to his head.

Giri attempted to sneak away and make contact with Sebastian. However, he felt it getting cold. Without warning, his feat were encased in ice. Giri tried to move, but to no avail. Avery hit him over the head, knocking him out.

Both sides moved quickly to regroup. Alex was unable to stand, and Joseph was out cold. On the other end, Lisa was practically unconcious and Giri was frozen. Both sides stared at each other. On one side, Jake, Melissa, and Avery. On the other, Swordsman and Matthias. Jake paused. Where was Abraham?

On the side of the battlefield, Abraham had opened the bag that Matthias was carrying. Using his mysterious powers, he wrapped the corpse inside in a cocoon of mystical energy. The wounds and broken bones of the corpse began to repair. Blood flowed into the smashed heart, and soon the being rose alive once more.

Melissa prepared to teleport Matthias away, but before she could, she felt a large fist smash onto her head. She fell unconcious to the floor. Both sides stopped fighting and looked at the newcomer. None expected what they saw. Alive and breathing stood Isaiah Tafari.

Chapter 5 Edit

The future.

The team that was assembled was all that they had left. Sam counted them. Lisa for speed, Avery for his unique ability, and Mike because... he was Mike. With Sam in the mix and Molly for extra support, they could hopefully free the imprisoned heroes and topple Alex's regime. They carefully ducked through the streets, hoping to avoid detection from the patrolling cops. In almost no time they arrived at the fortress. They all wore cloaks, so the robotic guards could not ascertain their identity. As they approached, they were stopped. Molly carefully recited the bluff Sam had instructed her upon. "We are representatives of a powerful nation of mutants who would like to speak with your emperor." Because she was supposed to be dead, the voice detectors didn't register. The guards suspected nothing. "May we please see your identification?" Said the guard. "Samael?" Molly said. Sam stepped forward holding five metal cards. When the robot touched them, Sam short circuited his system. Before he showed signs of malfunction, Sam grabbed and short circuited the other one. He grabbed the access cards from the robots. "Let's go." he said.

The gate itself was protected with a field of energy that negated mutations nearby it, so ghosting in was out of the question. Instead, they were going to use a Blitzkrieg, a lighting fast movement to take out the robots and open the door with the access cards. Their timing would have to be perfect. If any robot got more than seven seconds of time to react, they would sound the alarm and the walls would lock down. The five heroes slowly walked to the gauntlet of robotic guards. The robots moved in front of them. "What is your business here?" The leader asked. In the next five seconds, all twenty robots were dispatched, until the ground became a field of twisted metal. Lisa quickly unlocked the gate, and the five leaped into the fortress. As they entered, the alarm sounded. The door slammed behind them. They had no escape route. this would be the final battle.

The plan was simple: free the imprisoned heroes and then bash down walls until they found Alex.  But Sam was the only one who knew how it would end.  It was impossible to win.  Alex was too powerful on his own, not to mention his army of mutants.  Sam had no delusions that they would survive.  The only victory would be getting Molly into the past to undo this future.  And for that, they would have to give everything.

The group continued, ducking security cameras and robotic security guards.  It was rather easy with Molly keeping them invisible, but she couldn't continue forever.  They made it to the prison block before she had to stop.  Each cell was sealed off tightly; you couldn't even see inside.  They were sealed with anti-power generators, but it didn't matter.  Sam charged up power and sent out an EMP shock wave.  All the lights went out.  With the power nullifiers down, Mike could break down the doors. In just minutes, a three injured but strong heroes joined them: Maddie, William, Tyler, and Matthias.

With Matthias on the team, they had much luck in avoiding guards and cameras.  Eventually, they arrived at the throne room.  The doors were sealed, but the master of telekinesis had no problem in forcing them open.  The team jumped through and came face to face with Alex's personal guard.  And behind them sat the big man himself.

Alex's skin was red, blood red.  He had two large, leathery wings and two great black horns on his head.  His muscular arms ended in sharp claws and his feet were hooves.  His eyes were bright green, and his mouth had two dangerous looking fangs.  Around his neck was a black pendant that seemed to pulsate with power.  He gave the heroes one look, then waved his arm.  "Kill them." he said.


The fight was not going well.  Lisa was being double teamed by Shannon and Melissa while Matthias tried desperately to help.  William was under fire from Jacob, doing his best to stay under cover.  Avery was barely keeping back Joe, who's power of fragmentation broke through his ice shields, with a wall of flame.  Sam was dueling Hailey, electricity and energy clashing in violent bursts.  Tyler was being held back by Jenny's sonic screams and Giri kept Maddie down with mental feedback.  Above all of it, Mike and Alex fought in the air.  Molly knew that the fight was hopeless.  They were already losing. 


The present:

Isaiah carried Lisa and Giri as the team made a tactical retreat to the van.  Sebastien had already started the engine and the group hurriedly jumped inside.  Avery and Jake may be unconscious, but there were other heroes in the building, and it was only a matter of time until they arrived.  Sebastian gunned the engine and took off through the still opening loading dock door.  The van careened into the street and skid through a few lanes.  Other cars swerved and braked to avoid it.  Sebastien didn't take his foot off the gas, and continued speeding down through the streets and eventually out of the city.  They ditched the van in the woods.

They found a clearing and sat down.  "Hey Isaiah," Sebastien said, "I thought you were dead."  Isaiah grinned, "It's gonna take alot more than that to keep me down."  Isaiah looked at Swordsman.  "Just as you said you would," he laughed, "though I wish you had told me how much it would hurt."  Swordsman sat down and spoke, "If I had said that, you may not have gone along with the plan." He turned to Matthias.  "What information have you gathered?"  Matthias frowned.  "It's big.  Bigger than we ever thought.  And I think I finally understand what Ted meant by his instructions."  Swordsman took the data acquired by Matthias and read it.  For a minute, all was silent.  Swordsman passed the plans to Isaiah, and took out his phone.  The number rang twice before the recipient picked up.  "Hello?"  Swordsman's spoke "Brendan, get everyone together at Hailey's house...I'll explain later...Glamis, and their, I don't think any of his soldiers know about it...Hailey's house, ASAP...I'm bringing some can say that...see you in five."  Swordsman hung up.  He looked at the others, then walked to a hidden truck.  "Let's go."


Blades clashed against claws as Mike and Alex fought high above the battle.  "Give it up Alex," Mike said, "you've built your house of cards too high, and now I'm gonna topple it."  Alex parried a blow from Mike's swords.  "You're as blind in beliefs as in sight." Alex slashed and Mike narrowly dodged, "This isn't a house of cards, this is a tower of steel.  And it shall endure long after your decaying bodies have been eaten by worms."  Mike kicked him in the side but got a claw to the shoulder in return.  Mike slashed with his blades at Alex's wings instead, but was stopped by his opponent's claws once more.  "It's time you stayed dead."  Alex said, and impaled Mike upon his horns.

On the ground, Giri was torturing Maddie.  "I must confess," he said, "I never expected you to go down so quickly."  Maddie tried to lift herself up.  "Go to hell..." she said, before collapsing back onto the ground.  Giri laughed loud and cackling.  "C'mon girl, I can do this all..." Giri didn't finish his sentence, as a knife slit his throat.  He screamed, and blood spurtted from his fenestrated neck.  He fell down to the ground dead.  Molly turned visible, holding the knife that had just killed Maddie's torturer.  She was shaking, obviously not used to killing or seeing death.  Maddie stood up.  "Good job girl." She said.  "Now, let's even the odds.

Matthias got a lucky shot on Melissa, who fell to the floor in a crumpled heap.  However, he wasn't even able to load another shot before his head exploded, courtesy of a well aimed bullet from Jake.  Fortunately, the distraction gave gave Lisa enough time to get in and begin pummeling Shannon.  Unfortunately, Lisa fell dead to the ground, as Shannon, who had stopped time, impaled her with a piece of broken metal.

Sam and Hailey were locked in combat, electricity and energy exploded around them.  Jenny sent Tyler sprawling into the epicenter, and he was disintegrated almost instantly.  Sam lost focus for a second.  His last word was "Tyler...?" before the locked beams backfired to him, blasting him away.  Hailey and Jenny stood triumphant, but it would not last.  They turned to see Maddie holding a fallen chunk of metal, weighing at least ten tons.  "You monsters.  He was my husband.  He risked his life for me more times than I can count.  Damn you both to hell, cousins."  Hailey and Jenny paled.  "Oh f..." Hailey gasped, before both were crushed under the pile of metal.

Joe hit the ceiling with his fracture beam, causing a rain of wood and metal to fall down upon Avery.  Avery dove away, avoiding the falling debris.  He took cover under a fallen chunk of scrap, but Joe easily disintegrated it.  Avery dodged beam after beam, but he was getting nowhere.  Joe walked over.  "Y'know Avery, I miss the good old days, when we were fighting together, not against each other.  Whatever happened to them?"  Avery knealed to the ground, "As I remember, you joined the bad side."  Joe laughed, "If that's how you think about it, perhaps you don't deserve this new world order."  Joe tried to move, but realized his feet were encased in ice.  A look of dawning comprehension came over Joe's face.  "You sneaky..."  Avery smiled and engulfed him in flames. 

Shannon ran to Jake, who was firing at the others, keeping them back.  "Kill all of them.  I swear, they're all dead..." Jake muttered.  Maddie threw rubble at them.  Shannon stopped them in the air.  Jake sent a bullet through Maddie's chest, and she fell like a ragdoll.  William remained hidden.  He was focusing, concentrating all of his power.  Jake's gun turned into pure hydrogen, and exploded in his face, burning away his head.  Shannon turned and realized that William had suddenly become much more dangerous.  She ran from her cover and into the open.  William valted his own hiding place and ran to meet her.  "No!" she screamed, running from him.  He turned her shoes to lead and she fell over.  William walked to her.  "Shannon..." he said.  She looked up at him.  "Will, please..."  William looked down at her.  He couldn't bear the sight of her so afraid, or dead.  He stared at her for a long moment.  "I'll kill you!" She screamed, lunging at him.  She went no where.  Will looked in her eyes and saw the truth: a burning purple fire.  The Fracture of Time.


Mike looked at himself.  His chest was torn open, his legs hamstrung, his abdomen a bloody tangle of organs and his arms punctured thoroughly with bone.  Alex stood over him, triumphant.  "You're weak," he taunted, "you used to fight with vigor, with passion.  Now, you can't even hurt me.  What happened to the great time traveller, what happened to the conquering hero.  What happened to Michael Young?"  Mike looked up at his killer.  "Have you ever heard"  He took a breath.  Alex leaned closer, "yes?" Mike continued, "The old saying..."  Alex moved closer still "what old saying?".  Mike grinned, "an eye for an eye?" in a flash of metal, Mike's crescent blades swooped in and stabbed Alex through the eyes.  The demon-king screamed.  "That was for my eyes.  Now this... this is for Molly Collins."  In a sickening tearing of bone and flesh, Alex exploded, spraying the area with his blood, bones and organs.  His horns landed on the ground nearby.  "Finally..."  Mike breathed, "It's over..."  "MIKE!"  Molly ran up to him, screaming at the top of her lungs.  Mike looked at her and smiled.  "Shush girl, it's over..."  he took a deep breath.  Blood spurted from his open chest.  "I had always thought your face would be the last thing I saw.  Guess I was you girl...always will..."  Molly kissed him, despite the blood.  "I love you too." She said.  Mike smiled, and closed his eyes.


Shannon's condition had worn off, and she was now crying on the floor.  William stood over her, comforting and consoling.  Avery walked over.  "What do we do with this?"  He held out the Fracture of Time.  William examined it.  "So this is it.  This is what started the trouble all along..."  He handed it to Shannon.  "Get rid of it." he said.  In a blink, the crystal disappeered.  Molly crept over to them.  She was covered in blood, and her face was drenched in tears.  William looked at her.  "You ready?" he asked.  Molly nodded, "I've spent days in a nightmarish world only to see my friends kill each other in the end.  Yes, I'd like to go home."  Shannon nodded.  In a blink, Molly was gone.  Avery, William, and Shannon looked at each other.  "Now what?" asked Avery.  "Now," said William, "We rebuild."


Molly fell through the vortex between time once more.  She could see the shimmering portal, and swam towards it.  Her hands broke the surface, and she fell back into the present.

She landed on a couch.  About ten people gasped around her, all staring at the girl who just materialized out of nowhere.  Molly looked up, and realized she was in Hailey's house.  For some reason, all of Mike's cousins were clustered around her.  "Umm... hello?" She said.  The cousins all grabbed her, hugging her and asking questions.  She tried to answer them, tears streaming down her face.  "So," she said, "Where's Mike?"  they all grew silent.  "Molly..." Sam started.

The door opened, and in came Sebastien, Lisa, Matthias, Swordsman, Isaiah, and Abraham.  At once, all the heroes were on their feet, ready to attack the newcomers.  Hailey blasted Isaiah in the chest, "What're you doing here? " She demanded.  "Stop!" said Brendan, "They're here for a good reason."  Matthias held out the plans from Glamis.  "I think if you look these over, you will agree that we should be on the same side.


Matthias was giving the presentation.  All the heroes were ready, at a moment's notice, to attack and fight the others.  "Mr. Zhai wants to take over the world, plain and simple, and he has the power to do it.  He has within his possession, a crystal known as the Fracture of Time.  This crystal has the ability to amplify the powers of others.  Mr. Zhai was responsible for the manifestation of Shannon's secondary abilities, and tried to get rid of Michael Young, who he knew could stop him.  The crystal also allows some form of mind control, so gathering an army would be little trouble.  It is unknown how much the other Glamis Mutants know about this."  "How do we know you're telling the truth?" asked Jenny.  Swordsman stepped forward, "You can take my word for that."  And he removed his helmet.

490 years ago...

The sounds of battle surrounded Michael Young and Sir Geoffrey as the two, knight and squire, fought through the enemy ranks.  Arrows whizzed by their heads, swords deflected off their shields.  Sir Geoffrey did not see the flail headed for his midsection.  His armor folded and crumpled into his body, and the proud knight fell to the ground.  One telekenetic blast destroyed the enemy knight, and Michael ran to his master.  "Sir Geoffrey!" he shouted.  Mike forced off Sir Geoffrey's helmet and looked upon his face.  The knight laughed, "You look the same as the day we met."  Mike smiled, "I can stimulate cell regeneration, which allows me to undo my aging."  The knight laughed again, "You speak in unusual terms, squire.  But it appears that we must part here.  You are free, young squire."  Mike cleaned the knight's face, "Do not worry knight, I have learned a great many things.  You are my ancestor, great knight, and I shall look after our line and protect them from harm."  Sir Geoffrey smiled, "Then my family is in most capable hands.  Good bye, Michael Young."  Sir Geoffrey's eyes glazed over.  Mike donned the fallen knight's armor.  With a scream of battle, he charged into the fray, a rage filled Swordsman pure and true.

The present.

The helmet clattered to the floor as all in attendance gasped.  It was impossible, but yet it seemed obvious all along.  Before them stood Michael Young, finally returned.