This article is about the object. For the fanon, see Fracture of Time

The Fracture of Time refers to any shard of the Crystal of Time.


How the Crystal of Time was created is unknown, but it was used as the anchor behind all time and space. Not limited to one universe, it transcended all of them, residing in the Nexus of Realty. However, it was sought by many inter-dimensional travelers. After it almost fell into the hands of Satan, who would use it to conquer every universe, the Keeper of the Nexus broke it into fragments. Keeping the largest with himself, he scattered the fragments throughout the universes, ensuring that no one would ever be able to reconstruct it. The fragments often play important roles in their universes.


Is currently in possession of Mr. Zhai, although the effects on him are unknown. It was shown as giving Shannon the power to manipulate time.


Is rumored to be in possession of Emperor Alexander Constantine.


Originally onboard a Makata ship. Michael Young used it to destroy the Makatan Army. It then left him, current whereabouts unknown.


Bestows power to powerless beings, and enhances the powers of super-humans. It can be used as a never-ending power source. If made into a blade, it would be able to cut through the souls of its victims. When together, the pieces would give the wielder power above omnipotence. If someone uses a shard to its fullest, the shard leaves them, ensuring that no one can wield immeasurable power.

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