Fusion was a 23 year old Superhero who was given immense power by a mysterious entity from another galaxy.


Fusion was born Charles Zeldron, in a home in the dangerous side of Memphis, Tennessee. Abandoned by his mother, Charles lived roughly for the first 12 years of his life. A few days before his 13th birthday, he was found by an older man, who took him in and eventually adopted him. Charles lived with his adopted father, whose name was David Aaric. One night, however, his life was to be changed forever. His adopted father was kidnapped by a dangerous syndicate. Unbeknownst to Charles, Aaric had once been a member of the syndicate, but had run away and gone into hiding. Now they had found him. When Charles finally found David, he had been killed. Unfortunately, the syndicate found him and captured him too. They locked him up in a warehouse. It seemed that Charles 18th year would be his last. However, something strange happened. On the night before the syndicate planned to kill him, a strange golden light filled the warehouse. It swirled and coalesced into a being of light.

"Who are you?" Charles asked.

"I have no name, but I come from afar. I must speak quickly, my time grows short. I am a Nebulosa, a being of space and light. Unfortunately, I have been greatly weakened by an unknown enemy. I have used my last power to travel here. The duty of a Nebulosa is to wander the galaxy, changing things as they believe will set things right. At the end of a Nebulosa's life, we must seek out the being who most desperately needs help, and then fuse with them."

"Fuse?" Charles said, confused.

"Yes. Normally, if at the end of their life, a Nebulosa will fade into nothingness. But we are all given one chance before we die to continue our mission. If a living being willingly agrees to allow us to become a part of them, to fuse, we survive within that person, but in exchange, they receive all of our powers. This is why we must seek out the most desperate individual to fuse with. Only they would use our powers to right injustice. So I offer you, Charles, this chance. Will you accept my fusion?"

Charles thought for a few minutes, then said,

"I will."

The Nebulosa nodded, then begin to glow more and more brightly, until it was a blinding white. Then the light flooded into Charles' chest. He suddenly glowed so brilliantly that he himself could see nothing.

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