"Some say this city is alive. That it has a rotten, beating, core. Some call it evil. Some call it hell. I call it home."

-Doctor Murdoch Slator


Gasmask (Pre-Burning)


Gasmask is a series of comics, starring Doctor Murdoch Slator (AKA the Gasmask Killer), a vigilante who is wanted by the police on charges of murder. It is set in the fictional city of Grimwater, on the island of Arklight, a former british province. Vigilantism is illegal in Grimwater (due to the large superhero problem they had), but the Gasmask refused to give up. He is a detective (and sometimes surgeon) with a tendency to deal with criminals lethally. Along the way, he picks up a sidekick (who goes on to become the Scarlet Spectre) and ultimately dies exposing a citywide conspiracy.


A Walk on the Docks

The Bowels of Grimwater

A Touch of Mercury

The Idiot's Lantern

Hot Off the Press

The Angel of Death

The Blood Banker

End of the Line



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