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Geist (real name unknown) is a mutant who works for the Mutant Alliance. His main job is to spy on the Legion of Vigilance or any other organizations against the MA, as well as assassinate any people who may be a threat to the MA. It is hinted that he doesn't obey all of his orders

Powers Edit

  • Has sustained flight
  • Can walk through solid materials, and is able to make other solid materials do the same as long as he is touching them
  • Can turn invisible or any color he chooses
  • Can morph into any shape he wants to as long as it has the same mass and volume
  • Has a photographic memory and can "project" these memories into people's minds, so that they saw/heard/felt/smelt/tasted what he did
  • Can survive in temperatures between -270°C and 145°C
  • Can survive decades without consuming any nutrients
  • Can survive in environments where the pH level is between 2.5 and 10.5
  • Has rapid healing
  • Can wield kinetic energy
  • Has resistance to some other mutant's/super's powers. Examples:
  • Gremlin cannot cause his body to malfunction
  • Nightmare can't possess him (but Possessor can)

After WW3 Edit

Geist is still part of the MA, but he commits terrorist acts instead of assinations.