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Ghille Suit Wavingstrider
Created by:
Origin: America
Category: Soldier
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Ghille Suit Wavingstrider
Known Aliases: Ghille
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5ft11inches
Weight: 270lbs
Eye Colour: blue
Hair Colour: blonde
Citizenship: America
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Knoxville,Tennessee
Affiliation: United Nations
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Sith-venator Wavingstrider-0066,Boba Vinco(Distant)
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Army Training
Standerd Issue
Destroyed an entire Legion of Allio Corruos in 2055.

Ghille Suit Wavingstrider, or Ghille, was a Human male soldier, member of the United States Army. From the age of eighteen, Ghille participated in many battles, becoming one of the few to survive the Great Human War, achieving the rank of Sergeant Major of the Army.


Early yearsEdit

Ghille was born in 2036 (Earth at War), from an unknown couple that were scientists in the country of the United States of America and was the brother to Sith-venator. During these years, the entire continent of North America was under the protection of the United Nations.He grew in a upper middle class neighborhood in Knoxville Tennessee, where he spent his first years.


Before reaching the age of eighteen, Ghille became a soldier of the United States Army. He was trained like any other soldier, passing the basic training with the slightest of ease. Ghille was trained with assault rifles as well with sniper rifles, he excelled with both weapon types. He later joined the training camp of Special Operations branch which had an inadequate number of soldiers at this time because of the strictness of passing.

Invasion of AthensEdit


Ghille during the Invasion of Athens

Ghille Suit Wavinstrider was one of the first to respond to the invasion of Athens. So early actually that he got some breakfast and took the time to hone in his rifle skills. When the battle started, about six hours later, his group was going to field test new jetpacks. Later he saw Anti-infintry Allio Corruos tearing up the Spartans and with a brush of luck was abble to destroy most before more Spartans got killed by them. For his brave actions he was promoted to Sergeant. Later he participated in the Defence of Berlin where he and a squad of Hellbringers ambushed a Anti-vehicle Allio Corruo on a cliff and succesfully destroyed it with explosives. After a quick change of armor and a shiny new weapon, Ghille was good to go back to battle.

Ghille's Weapon of ChoiceEdit

W SCAR11 AR 15

The SCAR-11 AR-15 Variant was his weapon of choice

Capable of over 200 rounds a minute, the SCAR-11 was given only to Officers of the United States Army during the Invasion of Athens. One of the Officers was Ghille Suit Wavingstrider. Having excelled with his standard issue rifle, his instructor gave him his SCAR-11 as a parting gift before deployment. This weapon held the legacy of Ghille, and his rifle will never break, never rust, never die.


Ghille was quite a prankster when on leave, he placed a starfish in his Platoon Commanders bedsheets and his Platoon commander never noticed until it latched onto his face when he woke up. Ghille never knew that the toughest men, like his PC could scream at such a high octave. Another prank he would pull, is that he would squirt hand sanitizer in the chair his PC sat it. When the PC sat in the chair, he would say that he masturbated in the chair. The first reaction was "Yeah right." but when his PC felt the goop in his pants, he actually believed him. Many laughs were shared.

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