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"Target eliminated, where's my pay?"
—Gideon Moonslider.
A EndorTired

Gideon Moonslider, Bounty Hunter.

Gideon Moonslider is a Human Bounty Hunter and once Stormtrooper in the Galactic Civil War.

Early LifeEdit

Gideon grew up on the planet of Corellia, in the thriving capital of Coronet. Born in the years before the Galactic Civil War, Gideon grew up to a wealthy family. His mother, Ashe Moonslider, worked in the Corellian Stock Exchange, and Atrugan Moonslider, a notorious Bounty Hunter on Corellia. Atrugan trained Gideon from the age of six to become a Hunter, and Gideon did exactly that. Gideon was as renowned as his father for his skills by the age of fifteen. When Gideon was 18, he set off to the Imperial Academy, he graduated in less than a year and was stationed on the Death Star. For two more years, Gideon served on the space station. When the Death Star was destroyed, Gideon was on a seasonal patrol to Tatooine, and when he returned, the Death Star was destroyed. Gideon returned home, only to discover his parents gruesomely murdered. They were executed, then burned. Beside them was an E-11 Blaster Rifle, the Standard Issue Stormtrooper Rifle. It turns out Gideon's parents were secretly members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and since the Empire did not want Gideon leaking classified information to them, and the Alliance, and since Gideon was a great soldier, they killed his parents. Gideon, horrified, and yet enraged, left the Empire, and took his father's Mandalorian Armor, running away, across the galaxy, to create a new life.

Life as a HunterEdit

Paying UpEdit

Back in Coronet, Gideon started to work for small-time Crime Lord Nebu Ganza, an old Rodian. His son was a Mandalorian, named Julu Ganza, the two quickly became friends. After working for Nebu, alongside Julu, the two raised enough money to buy a YT-2400, an amazing feat for two newbie Bounty Hunters. They named the YT-2400 the Corellian Jewel, and went off into the Galaxy, in search of Bounties.


Julu became more money hungry every second, and eventually gained his own Mandalorian Armor. Julu wanted each bounty's pay for himself, and plotted against Gideon
A JuluTreason

Julu, in his Mandalorian armor, hours before trying to kill Gideon Moonslider.

. While aboard their ship, Gideon heard Julu talking to his father through a Holocron. He stated that he would execute Gideon at a time where he was piloting the ship. Gideon was startled and enraged by this, and knew what he had to do. They docked in Corellia, Vreni Island, to be exact, and when going to bed, Gideon had his pistol right next to him, prompting for Julu to not try and kill him. The next morning, the first thing Gideon did was go to the Bridge, to leave Corellia. Gideon brought his pistol with him, and as they were ascending out of the atmosphere, Julu walked up. He started to put his pistol to Gideon's head when Gideon turned around, and shot Julu in the head. He said to Julu, "Goodbye, old friend." Gideon turned the ship around, and landed it in the middle of the Corellian Savannah. Gideon shot Julu in the heart again. As the bay door closed, Gideon mumbled, "Good riddance, I work alone." hoping that Julu's remains would be devoured by Canoids.

The Solo JobEdit

As his popularity increased, Gideon Moonslider became one of the most renowned Bounty Hunters of the Century. Gideon was known for his blatant and suicidal missions to eliminate Imperial camps and bases, not for Bounty, but by his own will. Gideon gained much respect for his missions, and was wanted by the Empire.

Gideon's respect and trust lead many people to ask for Bounties. Gideon would gladly take them, if they didn't evolve a Rebel Alliance member. Gideon still kept his dark and intimidating personality.

Death Watch RaidEdit

The planet of Endor. The home of the Ewoks, and more importantly, the Death Watch. Gideon strapped on his armor, and landed at the nearest spaceport. He then traveled to the alleged location of the Death Watch Bunker. It was there, He walked in, destroying doors and gates, and breaking through to the mining level. There were many members forging their Jetpacks, and among the Death Watch members, in Mandalorian armor, did not stand out. Gideon did the mission for two reasons, to eliminate the Death Watch once and for all, and at a lesser extent, to forge a jetpack. When Gideon left, he detonated the bomb he armed in the Mining Level, destroying the Death Watch Bunker, and everyone inside. It was over.

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