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Grace is a sentient female river otter and a member of Heaven Ops.


Grace was born like any other normal river otter. However, when she was a juvenile, she was captured by illegal animal testers. These testers had taken a secret serum being studied by Heaven Ops and injected her, along with Hup and female ferret. This serum cause Grace to become sentient and learn and adapt quickly. It had the same effect on Hup and the ferret, but it made the ferret very ill. Later, Green Marines attacked the lab and took the animals and serum back, where they discovered the effects of the serum. Grace was trained to by an infiltrator.


Grace can change the air movement around her, causing forceful winds that can push things. This is useful to move things, as she is not physically strong (being a small otter). Her power makes a loud bang noise, so it is not very stealthy.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Grace looks similar to a normal river otter, but the serum altered her appearance a little. She stands 3 ft tall. Her limbs are a bit longer than normal otters, but it is so slight that it is barely noticeable. Her fur is short and brown.

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