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Created by:
Origin: Accident
Category: Energy Projector
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Gavin Trowel
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 32
Height: 1.71m
Weight: Average
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Citizenship: USA
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: The Renegades
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Gravity manipulation; can manipulate the gravity around individuals and objects to various effects, can fly
Training / Abilities
Knowledge of high-energy physics

Graviton is a supervillain with the power to manipulate gravity. He is the leader of The Renegades, a group built around solid teamwork above all else.


Gavin Trowel was a serious believer in his work and his research. Something of a child prodigy, he went to university, majoring in experimental, high-energy physics. A determined student, he spent most of his time in the university’s labs, working on his various pet projects. While others were off wasting time, getting drunk and doing stupid things, he was working to unlock the secrets of the building blocks of the universe.

Graduating from university with a degree and an array of skills, he set work to prove several of his more involved theorems, hoping to make it big within the scientific community. Unfortunately, a miscalculation while working with a particle accelerator saw his lab – along with most of his research – destroyed. The blast should have killed him; instead, he was struck by the particle accelerator’s beam, altering his physiology and giving him the ability to manipulate gravity.

Always a scientific type, Gavin experimented with his new found powers to see exactly what he could do with them. Realising just how potent his powers were, he began to develop a plan. Replacing all he had lost in the accident would be expensive and time-consuming; he could ease that burden by using his powers to steal money to fund his research.

Constructing a costume, he set about a career of crime; however, he had underestimated the resolve of those heroes that would inevitably arise in response to his actions. While he did have the ability to disable or immobilise them, there was very little he could do to stop them from fighting back. Realising that he had no other options, he decided to recruit a team of other supervillains to aid him in his campaign.

Remarkably enough, his plan worked; he soon had a small cadre of henchmen who were more then happy to work with him. While initially he was concerned that it would cut into his profits, he found that his so-called Renegades worked well together. This in turn allowed them to plan bigger and more daring heists, netting them more and more wealth.


Graviton is able to manipulate the force of gravity in localised, small-scale areas, giving him a very precise amount of control over his powers. He can use this power to lift objects, including allowing himself to fly. Similarly, he can use it to deflect objects away from him or to increase his own mass to make him stronger and more resilient.

However, it is his ability to project his gravity manipulation that makes him incredibly dangerous. He can increase the gravity around opponents, pinning them into place or simply crushing them outright. He can use this power to stop speedsters dead in their tracks, or to pull flying opponents out of the sky.

A master of teamwork and coordination, he will often use his powers to disable his opponents and leave them vulnerable to the rest of the Renegades. His preferred tactic is to immobilise fast moving members so that Fracture and Brick Outhouse can attack them while they cannot escape.


Gavin Trowel sees himself as being a serious researcher first and a supervillain second. He is dedicated to his work, desiring to unlock the secrets to the building blocks of the universe and how to manipulate them. He would love to discover what it is about his altered physiology that allows him to manipulate gravity, as it would greatly aid his work. However, he knows that he cannot do this without large amounts of money, hence his need to run the Renegades. Once he has all he needs, he will gladly give up his role as a villain and abandon the rest of the team.

A good planner and tactician, Graviton does his best to use his groups’ abilities to defeat their foes. Rather then acting as individuals, he instead drills them to work together as a unit, using their abilities to hamper and weaken their opponents before finishing them off.

Compared to his somewhat colourful compatriots, Gavin himself is a somewhat stern and humourless man. He does not spend much time with the other Renegades, instead working on his research. He holds magic ad its users in particularly low regard, seeing them as silly superstitions that are inferior to proper science.


Gavin is a rather nondescript man with short brown hair and brown eyes. He normally dresses in flat, dull clothing, but is rarely seen outside of his lab. His costume is primarily black with silver trim with a prominent white chest insignia depicting four inwards-pointing arrows.

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