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Real Name:

Thomas Boyd



Identity Status:



The Vigilantes Group



Usual Place of Operations:

Most of Glassbeach City

Main Power:

Gravitokinesis (Control of Gravity and all of it's extensions)

Weapons and Equipment:

Enhanced biosuit, that allows him to mold bones and muscles to create melee weapons from body parts.

Gravity is a powerfull anti-hero that resides in Glassbeach city.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It's main ability is the power to control gravity, and all of it's extentions. This means he can do things like enhance gravity of a certain object, completly nulify it, or create gravitational forces arround an object. It's gravitokinesis is strong when used in it's raw form, but the biosuit he wears allows him to use the gravitokinesis way more strongly and precisly. The biosuit also allows him to transform bodyparts into melee weapons, which allows him to create devastating combos. In a non-combat way, he can use the Gravitokinesis to run at almost 120m/h, jump up to 13 stories in a single jump and levitate himself and other objects. He is also able to walk/run in the walls and celing.

Background StoryEdit

His powers started to manifest without explanation when he was 13 years all. But it wasn't untill he was 19 that he unleashed their lethality when he was informed his parents were killed in a car accident. He completly destroyed the police station, and then escaped. He left college, and lived for a while as homeless.

Fernando Arroyo started to stalk him after what he did at the police station. It was quite interested by the fact he was able to manipulate such a destructive power. He ended stalking him one night, when he contacted some thieves and bounty hunters to kill him. Fernando knew that they where going to be defeted with ease by Thomas, and this was more of a test. After the fight, which lasted less than a minute, Fernando appeared and told Thomas he was from the Vigilantes Group, an organization conformed by ex-members of the goverment and the military alike, and was interested in Thomas, as he wanted him to become one of the main forces of the group.

Thomas was eseptic about the existance of this organization. Said that he first needed some proof. Fernando showed him that he also was "special". Fernando was an ex-spy of the goverment, that accidentally accuired Plasmakinesis (The ability to contol the plasmatic state of matter) during a trip to Russia, during the Cold War.

Fernando immediatly used his Biosuit, a semi-organic suit that allows the user to alter the bones and muscle to transform body parts into melee weapons. A fight started between the two, and even if Thomas was strong, it was no match for Fernando and his expertice in combat and use of his power alike.

After that, Thomas immediatly accepted and became part of the Vigilantes, the most secret worldwide organization dedicated to stop any threat Earth might face, and to take justice by their own hands.

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