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The Green Marines are the special operation forces of Heaven Ops.


During World War 2, a new, independent branch of military was created for special missions. They were called Heaven Ops. The Green Marines were the main force of the branch, along with the naval force, the Sea Raiders, and the land operations, the Land Raiders. The role of the Green Marines was to act as a special operations force and help the Land Raiders, the Sea Raiders, and the regular US Military. However, as time passed, they became more of a land-based force, almost replacing the Land Raiders. However, the two sections stayed separate, and use different techniques and styles of combat, with the Green Marines in urban warfare, and the Land Raiders in the wild habitats.


The Green Marines saw some action in the end of World War 2. They infiltrated many enemy headquarters, including a Nazi lab that played an important role in the development of the Green Marines. In the lab, they discovered a large egg, a seed locked in a box, and several vials of chemicals. These were all taken by Heaven Ops for research. In the modern day, the technology to examine the objects was finally developed. They discovered that neither the egg or seed were dead and the Heaven Ops scientists planted the seed and incubated the egg. When the seed grew, it turned into a massive, 6-foot tall carnivorous plant. As the scientists were studying it, it suddenly sprouted arms and legs, along with several vines, and it opened its eyes. The plant chased the scientists away. The plant called itself Ivyweed, and he was taken by the Green Marines, as they believed he could be valuable to them. The egg later hatched one night while no one was looking. Out came Razer Raptor, an evolved raptor. He escaped, but was later chased down by Green Marines, and, after a short fight, was captured, and trained to be a marine.

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