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Gremlin (real name: Greg Canon) is a mutant superhero who works for the LoV.

Gremlin in his suit

Powers Edit

  • Can control technology
  • This means he has an easy time repairing and destroying machines as well as making them work the way he wants to.
  • Machines can be simple (seesaws), clockwork (clocks) engine-based (cars), electronic (computers), hydraulic (toilets), or organic (humans).
  • That means he can kill people instantly by causing heart/kidney/liver/other organ failure. He can also heal people if they have such problem. Also, he has the ability to do stuff to people with the brain, such as headaches, amnesia, and hypnosis. He rarely does so since he is a "good" hero.
  • Gremlin has long fingers and nails which he can twist into tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and hard drives (He can use his body to store computer information.)
  • He also has very mild electrokinesis. All he can do is give "shocks" to people which can be annoying but it only feels like a little pinch.

Place in the legion Edit

Gremlin usually is repairing machinery and such, including the massive Vigilante. He is also a computer hacker who tries to see what villains are working on in their computers. Greg joined the LoV because he feas that the world will become a horrible place if the bad guys win.