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The HONOR Program was created by the Elites, in order to produce more effective Elite soldiers.

History Edit

After seeing the effect the SPARTAN program had on the humans, the Elites devised to have a similar program, the HONOR Program. They selected 1000 talented Elites who would be augmented, in order to further increase their abilities.

However, by some mistake, three of the drugs used to augment them wore corrupted, and killed 998 of the Elites, leaving only two alive. The survivors were Koug 'Masteree and Elten 'Sithinee. They were changed in ways that nobody could imagine.

Results Edit

Although they lost most of their participants, the effects of the augmentations upon 'Masteree and 'Sithinee were unprecedented. To say that they were superheroes was an understatement. The following were the effects of the augmentation:

  • Each could run at least 85 kilometers an hour.
  • They could lift up to 10 tons.
  • Their reaction times were now 0.081 of a second.

'Masteree, after studying for a while, fused a flamethrower with his arm, making himself an even deadlier weapon.

Reception Edit

"They run like the wind, and can lift vehicles like its a feather...they're amazing; scary, even."
—Elite Civilian

To almost everyone, they were superheroes, superheroes to everyone but a handful who knew the truth. They could run faster than the fastest vehicles, lift about everything, and in one case, spew fire from their arm. This caused them to be figures that were near-god-like. People respected them, but feared them as well.

Their main purpose was to frighten the Rebels, who were anxious to break away from their treaty with humanity. After showing them what they could do, the Rebels were scared...but not entirely.

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