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Hat Trick
Created by:
Origin: Technology
Category: Weapon
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Ben Crossjaw
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 31
Height: 1.81m
Weight: Average
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Genius level intellect, advanced knowledge of mechanics and electronics
Multi-function combat hat

Hat Trick is a somewhat deranged supervillain who uses a high-tech bowler hat to commit crimes.


Something of a genius and a tinker from an early age, Ben Crossjaw began work on what he saw as a self-contained combat system in High School. Reading about the growing weapon load that the average infantry man was being forced to carry, he took it upon himself to develop a multi-function armour and weapons system that would relieve the infantryman of his burden. At the same time, he could see the lucrative value of such a development; if he won a contact to provide his system to the US army, then he would be rich.

Working for several years, he eventually developed what he called Helmet Augmented Tactical System, or HATS for short. The design was a miracle of miniaturization and technology, compacting all the systems he had designed into a single, hat-sized platform. All he needed to do was to sell it.

Unfortunately for Ben, nobody seemed interested in HATS. More to the point, the companies that he showed it to seemed to treat the device as some sort of a joke, dismissing him outright. As time went on, he accumulated little more then rejections form every agency and company he demonstrated his HATS to. Furthermore, he’d invested all his money in the system; he quickly found that he was bankrupt with creditors closing in.

It was after his latest rejection that Ben snapped. He reached the conclusion that he was being mocked and humiliated deliberately by those who were jealous of his true genius. Redesigning the HATS prototype, he had it fitted to a bowler hat that he christened the “Battle Hat”. Donning a matching suit, he set out to seek revenge on those that had treated him so unfairly in past.

His hat-powered rampage of revenge quickly turned into an out-and-out crime spree as he decided that he would make himself rich in the process. After defeating several superheroes that were unprepared for the power of his hat, he became even further convinced of its superiority and capabilities. Armed with it, he vowed that he would show the world that had forsaken him the true power of his haberdashery.


Apart from his extensive knowledge of mechanics, electronics and haberdashery, Ben Crossjaw has no innate abilities. Instead, all his powers come form his customised combat hat. Outwardly resembling a normal bowler hat, the Battle Hat is in fact a technological masterpiece of miniaturized technology and equipment. The hat contains a number of systems and it seems that Ben is constantly updating it. As a result, it is not entirely clear what its actual capabilities are. Known systems include:

  • Deployable sensors and communications system
  • A miniaturised, multi-function energy weapon
  • A half-dozen, extendable, spider-like legs. These legs are longer then Ben’s body, allowing him to run at high speed and leap incredible distances. They have also been seen to transform into helicopter-like blades and enable him to fly
  • A specialised clamp that keeps the hat attached to his head regardless of the situation

It is not clear how the Hat stores all these systems; certainly it shouldn’t have the space to conceal them all within its body. To back up the Hat, Ben wears an armoured three-piece suit and carries an umbrella. The umbrella appears to be completely normal.


To say that Ben is insane would be putting things mildly. He seems to be somewhat obsessed with his creation, and is somewhat convinced that multi-function battle hats are not only the way of the future but the solution to all of man’s needs. Nothing can dissuade him from this stance; certainly the improbability of the concept never seems to have occurred to him at any time. If anyone ever brings up a shortcoming of his hat, then he will lash out at them, demanding they apologise before he unleashes the hat’s full fury.

Despite this, he gets along well with most other supervillains he works with, seeing them as his fellow crusaders for hat justice. He certainly seems to enjoy taking part in their crime sprees, and delights in working with his fellows to defeat superheroes and other foes, of only to prove the capabilities of his hat.


Ben is a handsome man in his early thirties with short, neatly trimmed black hair, blue eyes and a rather debonair moustache. He wears what appears to be a stylishly cut Edwardian three-piece suit with a jacket, umbrella, and, of course, a bowler hat.

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