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Heaven Ops is the US section of the International Protection Program. They were originally a secret group that operates independently from the US Military, but the secrecy was lifted after World War II. Members of Heaven Ops still have to comply with orders given by regular US Military officers, but those orders can be overrode by Heaven Ops officers. Since it operates independently from the rest of the military, it must answer for its own actions, as the nation does not take responsibility for them unless they were ordered by the president. They often work with the regular military, usually as a supporting role. Among the Heaven Ops members are a team of special-powered, non-human beings. The rules of Heaven Ops are very lenient, which actually helps keep order. Heaven Ops is very environmentally friendly.


Green MarinesEdit

The Green Marines are the main force of Heaven Ops. They specialize in any form of land combat. Their uniforms vary by environment. The regular urban warfare uniform is a black bulletproof suit, with protected chest, back, and legs. Headgear includes hard helmets, with customized goggles, including night vision, heat vision, or regular eye protection goggles. The dress code for the Green Marines is not strict, so soldiers will often customize uniforms to fit their personal style.

Sea RaidersEdit

Sea Raiders are the naval and transportation forces of Heaven Ops. They specialize in any form of sea combat and often aids the Green Marines with artillery cover or water landings. They are also in charge of air transportation.

Land RaidersEdit

The Land Raiders are the basic infantry of Heaven Ops. Rather than participate in special missions like the Green Marines, they fight in direct assaults on enemies or defend their bases. They are very similar to the Green Marines, and the two forces often help each other. The Land Raiders are more of a wilderness combat group.


Heaven Ops is split into several different divisions and companies.

Green MarinesEdit

Ray CompanyEdit

Land RaidersEdit

Rice CompanyEdit

Known MembersEdit

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