Hell's Basement is a universal jail for the criminally insane, though at the moment there are no prisoners being held there. It will hopefully soon be a hotspot for where Superheroes drop of their villians before answering the call of another crime.

Reason Edit

After the Crime Lord broke out of jail in 2005 killing six officers, it was decided that there needs to be a prison specialized for these insane villians.

Now run by Lucus Longworth, Hell's Basement stand of a fortress of a prison for any person that chooses to be a villian.

Current Prisoners Edit

Look at the moment there are none. But if you have a supervillian that you want to be in Hell's Basement OR if you want your villian to have once been in Hell's Basement, but has escaped or been released, just ask me for it on either my (Dornlek's) talk page or on Hell's Basement talk page.

I hope a lot of you ask, we want to have the basement totally choc-a-block.

Former Prisoners Edit

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