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The Henkan are a race of beings living in the Shadow-verse on their home world of Mittsu Yochi, who have unlocked the ancient ability to control their own Spirit Energy with masterful efficiency.

Description Edit

The Shades first encountered these beings soon after conquering the Diavolos. The Henkan, however, joined the Shades almost as soon as they made contact with them, and took part in almost every battle the Shades have since then. Each Henkan has sleek black hair, emerald green eyes, and a Tri-Seal which locks away their true power. The Tri-Seal is created at birth by Ancient Henkan Mages, and is usually located on the being's torso. Without the Seal, a Henkan infant's spirit energy will flow from their bodies freely and dwindle into nothingness, leaving behind a spiritless, husk of a body. The first lock of the Tri-Seal can be released at will once the Henkan reaches a mature age (19 Earth Years Minimum, 30 Earth Years Maximum). The other locks, however, can only be unlocked by the being pushing themselves to their absolute limit in the previous form. In each form, the Henkan's eyes turn from Emerald green to a ruby red color, then gain slited pupils and black sclera. Their Hair becomes spiked and ridged with each form, and also grows in length, their Canine teeth double in size and sharpness, and their clothing also changes during transformations (This however doesn't change their way of combat). Henkan also have the ability to transform the weapons they're holding during their transformations.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As stated before, the Henkan have mastered their own Spiritual Energy to utilize in battle, and have unlocked a trio of transformations that, when released, increase their Spiritual Abilities ten-fold.

  • Immense Strength
  • Incredible Speed
  • Outstanding Durability
  • High-Speed Regeneration
  • Spiritual Attacks
  • Shakuhou Kan (First Release)
  • Shakuhou Daini (Second Release)
  • Kouki Shakuhou (Final Release)
  • Weapon Transformation

Known Henkan Edit

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