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Created-by: IshmaelOTDOP
Origin: Venice, Italy
Threat Level: Class 3
Personal Data
Real Name: Paolo da Vinci
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Altar boy, thief
Place of Birth: Venice, Italy
Base of Operations: Venice, Italy
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
  • Control of possessing spirit
  • Ability to possess another human being
Known Abilities
  • Climbing and evasion skill
  • Dueling
  • Sneaking
Rapier named La signora della fortuna (Lady luck)
No additional information available.

An Italian from the early 1600's, gifted with control over a possessing demon, and the ability to leave that demon in charge of his own body while he took possession over another human.


Paolo da Vinci was born in Venice, Italy, to a whore in its poorest of districts. His father unknown, and a child being bad for business, he was given to the church. He grew up with a false smile, and a hatred for the religion forced down his throat. A natural fighter, he would often sneak away from the sanctity of his home to fight the other orphaned ruffians in the back alleys. As he came into his teenage years, he began to bring a little order to the orphans, first through honorable combat, and then formed the first young "gang", known as "La Famiglia del Dolore". As an altar boy, he continued to do his duties, working his way towards his eventual release from their care.

The priest was determined to scare the "love of God" into him, and before his 16th birthday, he was forced to sit in on a exorcism.

One small miscommunication, and the whole exorcism was thrown out of the priests hands. The man of the cloth was killed by the possessed person, but as it turned on Paolo, it could not lay a hand on him. Paolo laughed at the creature, to which it took offense, and since it could not harm him with another human's body, he took possession of Paolo. Paolo, still unafraid of the creature, was not manipulated like anyone else, and eventually, the demon gave in, and became locked within Paolo's mind. The demon, named "Iao", befriended Paolo, in a sense, and taught him how demons moved about the Aether. Paolo eventually was able to possess other humans, and would leave Iao in his stead so his body would have protection. Several times, Iao attempted to win his freedom through duels, but Paolo was never to be outdone, and eventually the spirit grew tired and accepted his fate.

Onward, To the FutureEdit

At the tender age of 21, Paolo was stabbed during a gang war. He possessed the body of his attacker, bringing Iao with him forcefully. He watched as the life of his attacker, now inside his old body, died out, and continued to assault his rivals. The battle was won, but it took much convincing for his "Family" to believe him. When the story came out, they began to praise him, and revered him as a god. He took a permanent position as Don, and set up a very specific chain that would allow no one to impersonate him. He changed his name to "Heretic" in order to prevent any questions from underlings as to why he never died, and took on a sort of "Dread Pirate Roberts" persona, concealing his never-ending fate with the persona. Questions did arise, and he was labeled as a "Devil" by the more superstitious, but was ruled, almost correctly, as a persona by the more intelligent.

After a year of attending to his business, soon laying claim to many storefronts through "Protection" fees. He eventually became known as "The Kind Don" by preventing the street gangs and other families from being wicked towards the poorer of people. His money was well distributed back into the community, and he was well known throughout Venice. His body was always concealed, and he wore a mask and hood to conceal his secret. Iao had undergone a strange transformation, and his malice was obliterated by the good actions he was forced into. Still concerned with himself, but unable and unwilling to leave his new friend, he took on the role of Heretic while Paolo began to traverse space and time, using his powers to travel through the Aether to learn more and more, and expand his own consciousness.

Now, into the future, he will test himself, and the expanse of his spirit.

His first jumps through time and space took him into the possession of some people who would be rather mundane without his influence. Mafia Dons, Italian politicians, and even the infamous Benito Mussolini. His tribulations were reflected through history, and he began to drag the time frames closer together. At times he would play the villain, others, he would repent. One of his greatest deeds was the time spent as John Paul II.

Eventually, he made his way into the current era, and in the year of 2010, came to America for the first time in 400 years of consciousness. Here he would face his greatest challenge.

That story is soon to unfold...


  • Aetheric travel (Includes human possession)
  • Alliance with his possessor
  • Highly skilled fencer
  • Pickpocket
  • Trained Agility
  • Sneaking skill
  • Leadership Intelligence
  • Expanded Conscious, allowing him to remember everything he learns.


  • Rapier (La Signora Della Fortuna)


  • Humanity
  • Frequent Mental battles with Possessing spirit


  • Iao, Heretic's possessing demon


Heretic is a Class 3 (Spirit), due to his ability to travel through the Aether.

A Word on IaoEdit


Iao during his reign in the seventh level of hell.

Iao was not just any demon. In hell, he reigned in the seventh level, where most hell begins to form what could be construed as government. He commanded armies, and was well respected and unbeaten in combat. Before he could descend further and gain more power, he would have had to acquire a human body and begin work between hell and Earth. He fought his way through the ranks to attain the position he holds currently, and still does so, but so far has been unable to find the lord of the Seventh level, one Lazarus Stokeri, as Lazarus has not been seen in some time. Even as far as Aetheric time goes, being nonexistent, the frustration at being unable to descend (and ascend in rank) is a frustration that Iao must deal with. Until the time that Lazarus comes back to hell, Iao is stuck in his position, and waits patiently, enjoying his positions of power that he and Paolo have achieved together.

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