This article, Himus Jakobson, was written by IshmaelOTDOP. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

A leader of The Lunar Rebels and it's founder, Himus is a good man, interested in nothing but the future for the people that wished for a second chance on the moon.


Himus was a simple mechanic on Earth, simply doing his duties as a citizen, but he dreamed of a bright new future on the moon when it's habitability was announced. He bought his ticket and boarded the transport, along with many other eager pilgrims. When the ship docked, they were greeted by armed forces, and taken for registration and job placement. He was forced to work as a repair man for a titanium factory, and was given a small apartment. Outraged by the deceit of The United Martial Federation of Earth. he began immediately to stockpile weapons and other supplies. After many years of this, he and a few others began to create an encrypted and hidden network, stealing computers and the like from the UMFE. In the year 2881, a strange man named Ether Stimul came to the moon in a restored UMFE prison transport shuttle, claiming to be from Mars.

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