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Howling Wind
Created by:
Origin: Mystical
Category: Energy Projector
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Bob Howling Wind
Known Aliases: Fartboy
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 1.91m
Weight: Heavy
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: The Underworld
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Able to project blasts of wind, as well as manipulate and control winds
Training / Abilities
Is very sensitive about his name

Howling Wind is a supervillain who was granted the ability to control and manipulate winds by a mystical artefact. He is a part of the criminal group known as The Underworld


Born on a Native American reservation in the west, Bob Howling Wind’s family did their best to instil him with a sense of pride in his culture and heritage. However, all he wanted to do was get rich quick and get as far from there as possible. On his twenty-first birthday events conspired to present him with an opportunity for both, but in an unexpected way.

Because he had reached adulthood, Bob took part in an ancient trabal ritual that would thematically bind him to one of the spirits that the trabe had followed for so long. What nobody was aware of was that the totem to be used in the ritual was a Mexican knock-off, imbued with ancient Aztec magic. Instead of being purely symbolic, the ritual actually summoned an air spirit, and imbued its essence into Bob.

Almost immediately, he felt himself transformed; he found that he could control the winds around him to incredibly powerful – and destructive – effect. Using his newly discovered powers, he took to the air, desperate to get away from his home. Over the next few weeks, he experimented with those powers, discovering the full extent of his control and his destructive capabilities.

He then set out on a cross-country crime spree, using his powers in a series of spectacular smash-and-grab robberies. Eventually, his path of destruction bought him to Millennium City, the superhero – and villain – capitol of the world. He continued his career there, only now acting on a grander scale as he had bigger opportunities then ever before.

Recently he was approached by the Supervillain She Devil with an offer to join her group, the Underworld, as she was in need of a replacement for Droch. He readily agreed, eager for a chance to commit bigger crimes and make himself richer still.


The ritual imbued Howling Wind with the essence of an air spirit, one that he is able to control and manipulate for a wide variety of effects. At its most basic level, he can create powerful blasts of wind that can be used to slam into opponents, knocking them down and away. They can also be used to lift and carry objects, as well as to allow him to fly.

However, he can also take control and manipulate existing winds, using them in much the same way as he does the ones that he projects. These while these attacks and abilities are not as directly powerful, they can often cover wider areas, allowing him to create large-scale devastation.

These abilities are controlled through the ritual words that he needs to speak to channel the air spirits powers; thus if he is unable to speak, he cannot use his abilities; a fact that some opponents have taken advantage of.


For the most part, Howling Wind is an obedient and loyal member of the Underworld. He follows She Devil’s orders and does his utmost to serve her. It is not clear why he is so loyal to her, not if he has any goals or motivations of his own.

Howling Wind has one severe weakness; he is very sensitive about his name; insults easily enrage him, causing him to drop whatever he was doing and focus on defeating his tormenter at any cost. On occasion, he has accidentally knocked out his team-mates in his fury to deal with somebody who made fun of him.


Howling Wind is a heavily built Native American man in his early 30s. He has thickset features, with small eyes and short-cropped black hair. He wears black pants and boots, but no shirt, as well as a totem on a cord around his neck. Despite its appearance, the totem has no connection at all to his powers and is purely for show.

Howling wind somewhat resembles former underworld member Droch. He hates the comparison, and, much like his name, is overly sensitive about it.

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