Characters Edit

Season 01, Episode 01-03
Episode guide
Dawn of The Death

Heroes Edit

Support Characters Edit

  • Clara Ryzlar (first appearance)
  • Johan Fray (first appearance)

Villains Edit

  • Hunter (first appearance)
  • The Man on the Phone (Voice only) (first appearance)

Locations Edit

  • Repocity
  • Repocity Hospital
  • Abandoned factory
  • Pechino
  • Guantanamo
  • The Jail

Synopsis Edit

"Heavy Rain" Edit

The night of the 27th of December mankind was living everyday life when suddenly the entire sky turned purple, the gathering of the clouds frightened the entire population of planet earth. In a bunch of hours a purple like hailstorm hit the planet and some of the crystals released a dense smoke that enveloped the humans leaving some of them unconscious or stunned. In the following days some of the infected humans developed strange features involving mutantions and superpowers; a group of these people settled in Repocity built a team to use their powers in order to prevent any evil attack to the world. The team known as the Warriors built their headquarters inside an abandoned factory in Repocity and, with the help of one of the members they built an entire arsenal of weapons and vehicles.

"True Powers" Edit

During their first missions in Repocity the team went through various drawbacks and relation problems, since some of them started developing incredible but uncontrollable powers and some was up to leave the team. The aid of the entire team helped to solve the situation and keep situation as it started. The brain of the team (Masterplanner) developed the idea of a training room that the team would have used to increase their abilities and train themselves for any future problem.

"Hunt or Be Hunted" Edit

The first true mission for the team drove them in China where an empowered gunslinger, who was there to steal a prototype of a weapon from a secret lab, killed an innocent man in a big city, following the Interpol maps the team found the criminal, but their plane got struck down from the oppenents power, who revealed to be able to create any kind of weapon from pure dust. Using his Energy Absorption powers the pilot of the Warbird, the team's plane, Fogon, saved his friends reducing the kynetic energy to 0 and getting the plane safe to earth. The villain reveald himself as Hunter and started a fight with his young opponent, winning at first, but, when the true powers of the hero awakened he turned out to be stronger than the villain and won. When Hunter broke out of jail he found out that the government had built a special prison for gifted humans, since when it has been built it is unknown.

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