Facts about the HuntersEdit

Hunter 1 Height: 5 ft 11Edit

Hunter 2 Heigh: 5 ft 8

Hunter 3 Height: 6 ft 0

Hunter 4 Height: 5 ft 7

Hunter 1 Skills:Pinnacle Acrobatics, Swordsmanship, Marksmen, Lack of Fear, Pinnacle Martial Artist, Pinnacle Speed+ Strength

Hunter 2 Skills: Pinnacle Acrobatics, Pinnacle Martial Artist, Lack of Fear, Swordsmanship, Pinnacle Speed+ Strength

Hunter 3 Skills: Pinnacle Vertical Leap, Pinnacle Swordsmanship, Pinnacle Acrobatics, Lack of Fear, Martial Artist, Pinnacle Speed+Strength

Hunter 4 Skills: Swordsmenship, Beyond Pinnacle Martial Arts, Pinnacle Acrobatics, Lack of Fear, Pinnacle Speed+Strength

Hunters Weight: All 195 lbs

Real Names + Home Country: Kenji Shetzu (South Korea), Adam Johnson (America), Muhammed Zselsti (Pakistan), Antonio De La Piz (Spain)

 "The Hunters"

They were all amazing martial artists who met at a World Martial Arts convention in Ghana West Africa. They are all fluent in English. They spoke for hours, they all had the same aspirations+desires. They all became friends right away. They had sparring matches together, they all realized that they were all skilled acrobatics and used their acrobatics when they sparred. Later that day, they went on a Parkour trip and they all did Parkour. They all agreed their was to much injustice in the world, and they decided to form a group. They were all 4th Degree Black Belts in more then 3 martial arts. All were top tier free runners. They decided to do their thing in Gotham. They stopped bank robberies, and the Bat Signal was up in the air less. Until one day Batman had enough and wanted to see what was going on, Batman tried to follow the Hunters once, but catching any of them was impossible, considering Batman can not scale tall building with freerunning abilities. Batman could not catch them, and when he did he was brushed off with a cut to the leg. Eventually Batman knew he could not catch them all alone, so he asked Superman to help. Superman caught them using his Super powers, and told them all "This is Batmans city, stay out of his way". One of them spit in Supermans face, it was enough of a distraction for them all to get away, and use extreme stealth to hide from the Super powers of Superman. They decided to try and search the town records to see if they could find out who these people are. Eventually, they got DNA Samples through breif run ins, and identified them. They were all locked away in maximum security prison, until they realized their motives were only for good. But until they could find a crime ridden city, they were to stay locked away and could do no good for society. They were sent to the Gang Ridden, Crime Lord ran city of Knewl. The Hunters were elected onto the Justice League as a faction that fought alongside all the others. They worked as an AMAZING UNIT. They even won nobel peace prizes just like Superman had.


10 ninja

Hunter 1


Hunter 2


Hunter 3


Hunter 4

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