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Heaven Ops, International Peace and Protection Program



Hup is a slightly-large-than-normal, talking hedgehog and a member of Heaven Ops.


Hup was born like any other normal hedgehog. However, when he was a juvenile, he was captured by illegal animal testers. These testers had taken a secret serum being studied by Heaven Ops and injected him, along with Grace and female ferret. This serum cause Hup to become sentient and learn and adapt quickly. It had the same effect on Grace and the ferret, but it made the ferret very ill. Later, Green Marines attacked the lab and took the animals and serum back, where they discovered the effects of the serum. Hup was trained to by an infiltrator.


Technically, Hup's powers can be (technically) called "super speed" while it actually acts like teleportation. When he uses it, his body turns into the smallest particles and move as a cloud at such high speed, he can instantly move around. However, there must be a direct path between him and his destination, as touching any obstruction will cause his body to reform at that high speed causing a high speed crash. However, Hup is partially immune to the pain of this, though it will still hurt. Hup calls this power "jumping" or "flash-jumping". Hup can use this power to "jump" anything he touches, and anything that is touching what ever he's touching and etc.


Due to Hup's small size (about 1' 6'' long), Hup does not use much of the standard Heaven Ops equipment. Hup's job as an infiltrator is to squeeze into small spaces in enemy territory and spy, so he uses miniature cameras and mics. He also has a small, custom armor, which is basically a light chest plate, and a small gas mask. He also utilizes in chemical warfare, and often releases gas through vents that he is hiding in. When the need comes for a firearm, he must use a standard pistol as if it were a rifle, as it is about the same proportions as a rifle to a human.

Physical AppearenceEdit

When Hup was injected with the serum, he grew larger than a normal hedgehog to about 1.5 feet long. Also, one claw on each hand turned into an opposable thumb. Hup is brown in color, and has spiky fur on his back. He likes to wear a small pair of sunglasses.

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