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The Ice Bears are a semi-advanced race that lives in a galaxy light-years away from the Milky Way.

History Edit

Little is known about the Ice Bears, except that they are





Description Edit

Unlike most bears on the human Earth, Ice Bears are nearly twice their size, and stand on their hind feet. They have a snowy white pelt, and red-blood eyes. Their breath consists of an icy fire that can freeze most beings on the spot.

They bear a resemblance to the Polar Bear.
Polar Bear Waltz

Two Ice Bears dancing.


Childhood Edit

For five years, an Ice Bear is expected to learn basic knowledge, and to work around the house. When they reach the age of six, they must learn battle and field knowledge for another five years. The remaining eight or ten years are spent on reviewing concepts, and practicing for space and zero-gee environments.

When an Ice Bear has come of age (usually around 18 or 20 years old), they will pick a partner, and dance for 36 hours straight to prove that they are patient and have enough endurance for battle.

Technology Edit

Though not as advanced as humans, the Ice Bears have discovered a way of preserving ice, even in space. As a result, they ride giant glaciers in space. Once the glaciers collide with another vessel, it sends out a small stream of ice that first freezes, and then melts on the spot. It will effectively "sink" the enemy vessel.

They have also developed weapons that can send out fumes of liquid nitrogen. They can reload it by breathing in it.

Gallery Edit

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