Created By: Ultrabountyhunter
Origin: Alien
Personal Data
Real Name: James Bitters
Known Aliases: Freezer


*The Human Popsicle

Species: 1/2 Human 1/2 Avisglacium

Age: 18
Height: 174 cm

Weight: '
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Bagger
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: Avalon, USA
Marital Status: In relationship with
Known Relatives: Jacob Bitters (father)
Known Powers


*Able to endure intense cold

Known Abilities
High intelligence
Gauntlets contain smartphone

*Combat helmet

Former member of the Youth Squadron

*Current member of the Renegades

Icebird is an ice based superhero, a former member of the Youth Squadron and a current member of the Renegades.


James Bitters was born into a wealthy family, the son of Jacob Bitters, the owner of a chain of popular supermarkets. Despite his upbringing, James was somewhat estranged from his family, disliking their attitude towards less fortunate citizens. He would frequently fight with his parents over a number of matters and distanced himself from them.

While walking home from school, he almost had his wallet stolen by a young girl named Crystal Smith. Fascinated by the girl, James offered to buy her a meal and quickly struck up a friendship with her. Unbeknownst to the two, they would be destined for great things.

When he was 15, James reluctantly accompanied his parents on a skiing trip to the Rocky Mountains. However, James ignored the warnings of his parents and left the trail, eventually becoming lost when a blizzard set in. Desperately looking for shelter, James stumbled across a downed alien cargo freighter. Seeing no other choice, James took shelter within, where he encountered an injured member of the crew. Stunned, James could only watch on as the alien placed his hand on James' chest and seemed to be absorbed into James. At that moment, the two became one being, with James absorbing the memories, knowledge and abilities of the alien, while the alien, known as N'tho Xykalee gained a fully functioning body and in kind, all of James' memories. Realizing that he was no longer affected by the cold, James returned to the lodge where he had been staying.

When he returned home, James was stunned to learn that Crystal had also received powers, pyrokinesis, following her own incident. The two noted the rampant crime in the city, despite the high presence of heroes and vowed to combat crime in order to help ease the burden on other superheroes. Together the two took on crime fighting while adopting the names of Icebird and Pyra respectively. After a short stint of being independent, the two eventually joined the organization known as the Youth Squadron, which took in teenage superheroes. Icebird was assigned to be the personal assistant of the group's tactician, Aurora. However, following an attempt where Icebird attempted to take control over the Youth Squadron, he and Pyra were ejected. Seeing little other choice, the two soon joined the Renegades, who billed themselves as "The World's Most Dysfunctional Team of Superheroes".


The source of Icebird's powers come from absorbing an alien life form into his body. All of Icebird's powers are the natural abilities of the species known as the Avisglacium. The Avisglacium posses cryokinesis, flight, enhanced durability and the ability to tolerate extreme cold, all of which was passed on to Icebird. As a side effect of the absorption, Icebird also took on the knowledge and memories of the alien, learning all about its culture, history and language, thereby allowing Icebird to speak their language and operate their equipment. Whenever Icebird is sufficiently tired or injured, or if he allows it, the alien may take control, shapeshifting Icebird into an Avisglacium form.


Icebird's costume is a white suit with two blue stripes running along the arms of the suit and down the length of the body. On his head, Icebird wears an Avisglacium combat helmet which he retrieved from the downed cargo freighter, which grants Icebird to see in infrared and possesses night vision. On his arms, Icebird wears gauntlets, the right of which holds a Smartphone.

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