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Ichor Crystals are highly irradiated substances that forms underneath the surface of Mars and its moons. It is a source of near limitless nuclear power, a single two foot shard being able to power an entire city for around two hundred years. Because of this, it was highly coveted by every faction during The War of Planetary Freedom.

Side EffectsEdit


Due to the high radiation of the crystals, the personnel working in Ichor Mines have to be heavily protected. Usually the workers wear Tiberium exoskeletal suits, armed with Cutting Lasers or Sonic Bombardment Canons to break apart the huge samples.

If a human comes into contact with Ichor Crystals, the results might not be pretty. If someone is within five feet from the sample, the human could gain minor radiation sickness which usually recedes from the body after a day in the hospital. If someone were to touch a sample of Ichor without proper protection, however, the results will always be lethal. The most lethal being the subject's entire body begins to crystallize at a high rate, breaking and fracturing apart on a cellular level.

Known UsesEdit

  • Tiberium Steel - Near indestructible material formed by by fusing Ichor Crystals with steel plating. It is the Martian version of Adimantium.

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