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The Sixth Generation Fighter Aircraft (SGFA) is a Fighter aircraft#Sixth-generation jet fighters (2028 to 2055) which was developed by the Coalition.It was a derivative project from the PAK FA developed for the Coalition of Red Nations' Air Force. The program was initiated to develop a sixth generation fighter aircraft to fill a role similar to that of Lockheed Martin's F-22 Raptor, the world's first fifth-generation fighter jets.

800px-F-15 and F-22

Two Ignises over Greece.


The desighn is greatly based that of the fifth generation f-22 Raptor. It's top speed was close to four times the speed of sound. However this was a drawback also as it used more fuel than most jets. However to make up for it the jet used a new technology not known to the United Nations at the time. The new technology allowed it to take off without a running start by repelling the magnetic core of the Earth. With this the planes could also now hover in one spot. The fighter could carry up to two people (Pilot and Gunner). In it's maiden flight in 2028 it confirmed a kill from a missile up to five miles away.


  • crew=2
  • Length=70 Feet
  • number of jets=2
  • engine (jet)=Unknown Prototype
  • type of jet=turbofan
  • cruise speed main=1,500 km/h
  • guns=6× 60 mm internal cannon
  • hardpoints=4 total, 2 on each side of the aircraft.
  • missiles=Carries up to 20
  • rockets=Carries five
  • bombs=Carries up to 10


  • Ignis in Latin means fire.

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