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Incendia in human form.

Incendia is the Demon of Fire.


Incendia is the Latin word for fire.


After the First War of Darkness, Incendia was entombed in the Catacombs of Fire. She almost killed Glacies. It was with great difficulty she was captured and imprisoned, as she grew furious and slaughtered hundreds before finally being overcome.


Incendia was known to be very sly, coy, and playful. She viewed everything as a game, and was often reprimanded by Malum for "not being serious enough". Incendia had no mercy, and once she saw a human she would often "play with him", torturing, tormenting, and terrifying him until she ate him.

Consistant with her name and powers, she enjoyed fire. She loved it. She was, essentially, the forerunner to all pyromaniacs. She loved setting humans, buildings, forests, anything on fire. Her fire powers were extremely powerful, but unfortunately, as she was so playful, she was viewed as the least important Demon Lord in the Shadow Fellowship.

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