Incredi-Man is a Golden Age superhero.

Bio Edit

Real Name: Mike Murdell

Eyes: Brown; (as Incredi-Man) Blue

Hair: Black; (as Incredi-Man) Blonde


Weight:212 lbs.

Origin Edit

In 1938, atomic physicist Mike Murdell was caught in the explosion of an atomic generator, caused by a group of criminals who wanted to steal the plans for the generator for a rival laboratory. But instead of killing Murdell, the radiation instead altered his genetic and molecular structures, granting him superhuman powers. After capturing the criminals and exposing the head of the rival lab as a criminal, Mike decided to use his new found abilities to continue helping people and foiling crimes. Putting together a yellow and blue uniform, Murdell became known far and wide as Incredi-Man, battling all forms of evil be they common thugs, or the Axis powers. In 1940, Incredi-Man became a founding member of the Justice Union, after defeating a superhuman weapon created by the Nazis. In 1955, Incredi-Man and the rest of the JU were trapped in a time warp, along with the city they were headquartered in, only to be freed by the Champions of the Earth decades later.

Powers Edit

  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Atomic Energy Blasts
  • Super Speed
  • Super Leaping
  • Super Breath
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Heat Vision
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Ability to alter his hair color and eye color

Costume Edit

Yellow tunic and tights, blue belt, wristbands, boots, and cape, red gloves, and a big red "I" on his chest

Enemies and their ultimate fates Edit

  • Rex Rungor (still alive)
  • Toy King (reformed, retired, and living with his grandson)
  • Bomber (went kerblooey in '48 after a botched bomb threat)
  • Mr. Magnet (living in a retirement home for supervillains)
  • the Aviator (Crashed while drunk flying in '52, and lost the use of his legs)
  • Madame Beauty (Suicide by gun in '88)

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