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The third chapter in the Into the Night series by JerryWiffleWaffle.

It was morning. The sun was high up, shining down into the forest. It wasn't too cold, nor too warm; it was perfect. Craig was dressed as a runner walking "his" dog. The dog had found a secret area, almost cave-like around many trees. Actually, it was more like a fortress, but covered in foliage or something. There were guards surrounding the perimeter, all armed with Kalashnikov AK-47s. He whistled and pressed on, almost feeling sorry for the men he would eventually kill later that day...

That night...

Craig leaped up onto a tall tree overlooking the front and right side of the fortress. It seemed as if the guards had never left, and they were just standing their all day looking bored. Craig silently equipped his bow and arrow, also drawing a sharpened arrow. Hoping the moonlight wouldn't reflect off of the metal tip, he primed the bow and arrow, getting an angle on one of the guards on the roof; it wasn't like the other one would see him get sniped.

Craig let go, cleanly killing the guard. He fell down without making a noise or getting the attention of the guards at the door. Smirking, Craig had taken another arrow and had primed it, doing the same technique. Letting the arrow go, the guard had moved just a split second before the arrow collided with him, thus making Craig miss.

The assassin tensed, hoping the guard wouldn't ring the alarm. He paused, and turned into the direction of Craig; his eyes burned into Craig like a laser, making the latter feel hot inside, almost too tense. Luckily, the guard had shrugged it off and returned to his old stance, making his expression stoic once more.

Craig had sighed in relief and taken another arrow, drawing it back once more. He decided to be extra careful this time and had hesitated before firing, figuring that the guards would never suspect him. Craig released once he was sure he was going to pin the guard; and he did.

He leapt from the tree onto a lower branch silently, and eventually jumped onto the ground. Walking along the perimeter, he stayed in the shadows and made sure that he did not step on any sticks or twigs. Immediately after he caught the guards unwary, he leapt forward like a cheetah, pinning them down quickly and silently. He had snapped the first guard's neck, while throwing a shuriken at the other one. He then moved there bodies to a dark area where no one would suspect anything until morning.

Craig had decided that as a professional assassin, the front door was definitely not a great way to get into a building, especially if everyone was hostile. So he climbed. And climbed. And climbed.

Craig had sneaked into the large mansion and had eventually came to a small stairway leading to a hall. However, the hall was a dead end and there were two guards. He had thought of how to eliminate the guards and get through to the next plan.

"If I threw a shuriken at the near guard, I could get the second guard..." He thought, but then shook that idea off, knowing that he would have been shot anyways. He had pondered a few more seconds, until another idea had hatched.

"If I throw the shuriken at the farthest guard, I can pin the closer guard and get both of them down." He thought, nodding after he knew it was a good idea worth trying.

Silently taking out a throwing star, he had crept up the stairs slowly and saw the two guards. As he predicted, there was a guard with a Mini-Uzi near the back left corner and one leaning against the right wall not too far from him.

He readied his arm, raising it, and he threw the shuriken. Right as he had thrown it, he leapt up with one of his golden katana swords and stabbed the guard in the back. He did not shriek, to Craig's relief, and he fell with a thud on the clean white floor. Looking around, he had sheathed his katana and had noticed windows next to the floor on the left wall. Instantly gluing himself to the wall, he poked his head to the window and noticed a meeting between a lot of people. None of them were wearing cloaks, so his man wasn't in the room.

Craig instantly knew that breaking in there was danger, but there was no other way else out of the corridor other than going backwards, but what was the point of coming back from the way in which he came in?

Taking a deep breath, he had reached on his utility belt, pulling out two weapons he had dreaded to use, despite his former master's insistant manner on him to completely master. With a Mini-Uzi in each hand, Craig had gotten ready to jump through the windows, ready to take one of the most dangerous risks in his life.

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