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The first chapter from the Into the Night series by JerryWiffleWaffle.

Craig Satou stared blankly out through the restaurant's window, watching a few cars pass by and people walk the streets silently. He took a deep breath and turned his attention back to his sensei, who was staring back at him. It was all too silent between the two, but the light chatter from the other customers made it feel less empty.

"There is a reason I took you out tonight, Craig." He said quietly, not taking his eyes off of his pupil.

"I know, sensei. You always have your reasons." Craig replied flatly, not suprised, as he knew his sensei very well.

"I will tell you why we came out here once we are finished with our meal." He said as a waitress arrived at the table with a two dishes of chicken salad.

(About half an hour passes, and both men finish their meal...)

"Now. Back to business. What is it that you wanted to tell me, sensei?" Satou asked, taking a sip of water.

"Yes," His sensei said, not moving his tone at all.

"I've been planning this out for years now, Craig. It is partly why I have trained you why I trained you... Are you interested in what I have to say next?"

Craig looked down at the table, then back up to his sensei's face.


His sensei still had not moved a single muscle, and continued about what he wanted to say.

"Craig, this is very, very important, so listen carefully. I am sure you understand why I had you do assassin work over the past few months, and I will tell you why. I am planning on taking away my competition and enemies."

"What for, sensei?" Craig asked, somewhat getting to where his sensei was getting at.

"For world domination." He whispered.

Craig was taken aback, leaning back into his seat and folding his arms. He pondered this in his head, thinking about what his sensei had planned and how he thought about executing it.

"Craig, if only we have more people like you, we can form an alliance to overthrow the government and every other world power and rule the world." His sensei said.

Craig lightly shook his head with a solemn expression, shocked at his sensei's ultimate plans.

"No. I can't do it. I won't allow you to." He finally said after a few minutes of thinking.

His sensei sighed, finally diverting his eyes to the ground, then back up once more.

"Well, I suspected you might be this way..." He said, pulling out a gold plated Colt .45 M1911, aiming it at Craig.

Craig was not surprised seeing a gun pointed at him, as it had happened many times during his assassination missions his sensei had given him.

"Think fast, Craig..." He thought to himself.

Before his sensei could fire, Craig kicked the table up, hitting his sensei's weapon and making him fire. This sent people in chaos, trying to leave the building, running around screaming, the usual things.

Craig kicked the gun out of his sensei's hand and pushed him back into a few more tables, which broke them as well. This distorted his sensei's vision temporarily, as smoke was flying everywhere. But when he could see normally, his pupil was gone.

Craig ran down the street, breathing heavily as cars passed him and chaos ran about the restaurant he had just left. There wasn't many people, so running was easier. Craig turned left onto another street, where he had hailed a taxi.

"Lake Avenue, pronto." He said, still panting.

And the driver sped off into the night.

(About two hours have passed, and Craig has taken his weapons from his sensei's mansion. To prevent sparking fear, he conceals most weapons and buys a penthouse apartment for himself, as he is covered in terms of money.)

Craig layed the suitcase full of weapons and gear on the small table adjacent to the double sized bed, then lied on the bed himself. This was bad, really bad. His sensei probably is going after him to kill him, now that he knows of the latter's plans. But there was something Craig knew his former sensei would never do...

"Do whatever it takes to kill Craig Satou." Ichiro Nakasaki said to the hooded figure.

"And he's your... former pupil?" The hooded figure asked.

"Let's just say I knew him. But now, I want him dead. And when you kill him, bring me his head, and I'll pay you the rest of the $100,000."

"Hmm... deal."

The two men shook hands, with the elderly man smiling. He knew his enemy would no longer be a problem.

Craig Satou set out the next night to catch from fresh air. He left his penthouse briefly, and walked the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. The weather was fair, with just a bit of a chill. Cars and trucks honked in the distance, and people talked into their cell phones while rushing home.

There was something eerie about the night, however. Craig could feel it all over him, consuming him, but he trudged on, walking at a slightly faster pace. But whatever he did, the eerie feel did not escape him, it almost felt unescapable.

Finally, Craig had turned into an alley, which was blocked off at the end. He turned around rather quickly and tried keeping calm, as it was key in a situation like this. He also took out an unopened bo staff, as he always kept one in handy. Activating it, he went into stance and prepared to fight the monstrous figure following him.

To his demise, the figure was humane, with its body similar to that of a young woman. Craig was somewhat relieved and went back into a standing position, but still kept his bo staff ready.

"Craig?" A fairly high pitched voice came from the figure.

Confused, Craig decided to not answer back, in case if it was a trap. Whatever his master was doing, it wasn't working.

"Craig, is that you?" The voice said once more.

After a few steps back, Craig realized that he was backed into the corner, with nowhere to go. Unless if he jumped from wall to wall and escaped. But there was always a chance that the figure could follow him.

"Stay back... You don't know what you're doing." He retorted.

"Craig... It's me."

The figure came into the light, revealing who it really was. It was actually a young woman, who looked about Craig's age with medium brown hair, and fair skin. There was something about her that Craig couldn't put his mind on. He failed to realize who she was.

"Who are you?"

"It's me... Steph." She said softly.

Raising his eyebrows in disbelief, Craig deactivated his bo staff, putting it back on his utility belt. He felt a rush of emotions pass straight through one side of him and out the other.

"No... it can't be... I'm dreaming." He said in disbelief, backing up until he hit the wall. "Steph" had went toward Craig.

"Really, it's me..."

"It can't be... No. I left her a long time ago..." He said.

"Then maybe... You'll remember.. this."

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