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The second chapter of the Into the Night series by JerryWiffleWaffle.

From the mental journal of Craig Satou.

Wow. I can't believe she's real. After proving to me last night she was real, I was relieved. I haven't seen her in years and she became more... beautiful. Today, we're just going walking and going to catch up with each other. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong, but I'm bringing a bo staff in case if anything happens. I have a feeling my sensei is still going after me, but I don't know how he will approach the situation... I'll just have to wait and see...

Craig had left his apartment building and into the young night, and took a deep breath. Shoving his hands into his coat pocket, he trudged down the road past other walking pedestrians. Cars zoomed by, and aided in the noise pollution all around him. He was going to meet Steph at the Boston Common, where they would start the hang out session.

Stopping, he decided to hail a cab to prevent Steph from waiting too long. Promptly, the driver set off onto the road, driving rather quickly. Craig observed the city, taking in all the apartment buildings as well as corporate buildings. The sun started to set behind the skyline and the air became cooler and crisp.

A few minutes later, he arrived at the Common, and found Steph sitting on a bench waiting for him. He jogged to her and stopped when she arose.

"Ready to go?" She asked.


The two walked into the night, talking about the past few years, where they've been, who they've met, and their stories. It wasn't until 10 o' clock when comething had happened. Something dire.

The two were walking in the city, and while Craig wasn't looking, Steph's voice vanished, as if she was pulled away from him. Looking beside him, he found nothing but the alley in which her voice went down. He took out his bo staff and immediately ran down the dark alley, unable to see where Steph or the bastard that took her went. While running down the alley, he was encountered by four hooligans, dressed in grey suits, with two on each side enclosing him in.

He swiftly swung his bo staff at them, blocking their attacks and tripping them, not intending to use lethal force against them. After dealing with them, he ran down the alley until he saw Steph, but in the hands of another man in a grey suit similar to the other suits before, who threatened to shoot the young woman.

"Let go of her!" Craig yelled, threatening to attack.

Craig could tell the hooded figure was smiling, as he was also chuckling a bit and tightened his grip on Steph. More of the hooligans came down with nunchucks, staffs, and other melee weapons Craig was all too familiar with; they wouldn't be a challenge even if he was blindfolded and shot in the leg. They all pounced on him at once, but he countered their attacks, swinging his bo staff at them. He blocked their attacks and slashed his bo staff in open areas they were too slow to protect, and thus, he won the battle.

Turning back around, Steph and the hooded figure were still standing in the same position. Craig took out a shuriken and held it high and kept that stance. However, his coercion had not slightly even moved the man to let Steph go; he even laughed.

"You call yourself a martial artist? If you were even the slightest of one, you'd have your girl and I'd be on the floor, grasping for air..." He said with a voice Craig did not recognize. Why was he attacking Craig, and who was he?

"Let go of her, or I'll throw." Craig insisted.

"Go ahead. Try me."

This guy, or whatever it was, was persistent in his goals (whatever they were) and he sure can't be beat when it comes to debates and arguements.

Craig threw instead to see what would happen, but only heard the crash of the shuriken against the brick wall and the pavement. In a flash, the two disappeared, with a slight scream of Steph. He had left a large floating black mist, which went away after two seconds, but whatever happened, he told his minions to attack. Multiple suited figures jumped down into the alley. Like all the others, they were no match for Craig, and were treated like dummies.

When they were all defeated and limping away or just laying on the ground, Craig deactivated his bo staff, putting it back on his utility belt. Walking out of the alley, he was tired, and not only that, he felt where someone had stabbed him twice with... what was it? Was it a switchblade? More than likely... He walked on into the night, angry at himself more than ever.

The next day... Craig is thinking at his apartment while calming himself and listening to music.

"There has to be a way I can find him... If I don't Steph is dead..." He thought to himself.

But how could he find his nemesis if he disappeared into a cloud? Teleportation was not something that Craig was knowledgeable in, but he at least had to try. He looked up teleportation on the internet, and found some website dedicated to the art by some teleporting weirdos. Still, if it was vital to saving Steph, Craig didn't care who it was by.

They had stated that after someone teleported, and the cloud had disappeared, there would be a powder left on the ground on top of the teleport location. This powder would be able to track where the person teleported to by a dog, but only certain dogs. After deciding to give it a try, Craig had left his apartment in a hurry to see if powder was still in the alley from last night.

After arriving at the location where the hooded figure had teleported from last night, there was a black powder on the ground. It felt grainy in Craig's hand, and he decided to put some in a small bag he had brought with him. All he had to do now was find out what kind of dogs smelled this weird powder...

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