"I'm no angel... I'm an Iron Angel..."
—Iron Angel.
A MetallicAngel
Iron Angel
Created by:
Origin: Unwilling Hero
Category: '
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Marcus Reese
Known Aliases: Iron Angel, The Metallic Angel, the Gift from Above
Species: Human
Age: 43
Height: 5'11
Weight: 201 Pounds
Eye Colour: Brown, now Black
Hair Colour: Brown, now None
Citizenship: US Citizen
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Paragon City
Affiliation: LoV
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Known
Known Powers
Flight, extreme Strength, Agility, and speed
Training / Abilities
Expert in all forms of Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, and the art of Blunt Weaponry, Kaibou Form
Is an involuntary member of CrayNET, a large technology and weapons producing company.

Iron Angel, his real name Marcus Reese, is a rogue member of CrayNET, sentenced to execution in prison, but given another chance.

A Normal LifeEdit

Marcus Reese lived a normal life, he worked at a CrayNET facility, a large weapons and technology manufacturing company, located in Washington D.C. Marcus worked their for half of his life, helping produce weapons and technology. When CrayNET shut down, Marcus had nowhere to go. He stayed at home with his friends, and when they ran out of money, he reached the breaking point. HE wanted money, he needed money. So he grabbed a knife, and slaughtered four of his friends. They were all brothers.

Marcus was on the run for a few days, trying to escape authorities. But to no avail. Marcus was caught stealing food from a Convenience Store almost twenty-five years before Amalgam's apocalypse. Marcus was taken in, and identified as the man who killed five brothers. He was put in the RONALD ARTHUR Maximum Security Prison, and sentenced to execution by Lethal Injection on February 13th, Valentines Day.

Two weeks before, on his 15th day at the prison, he watched the family of the friends he killed come in. They all had something to say. The father quoted that "Marcus deserved to die,", while the mother quoted that, "Marcus should be forgiven.", Marcus started to tear up as the rest of the family, even the father, agreed, because he did it out of stress, and pressure.

Marcus understood that they could do nothing about his sentence, because it was already decided.

On that fateful day Marcus received boxes of Chocolates from his and his friend's family. He did not eat them. At exactly Twelve O'clock that day, Marcus received a message from CrayNET. He was not going to die, but become their Guinea Pig. He would be let free under a constant monitor from authorities. That is what CrayNET said.

Marcus traveled to the building, which was dark and abandoned for the most part, but a room was lit up. Marcus saw a bed, with straps, a large ring like object,
A IronAngelBefore

Marcus, before being strapped onto the bed.

and many high-tech monitors and screens. He put on some patient's clothes, plain and white. He stood in the middle of the ring, as scientists watched him.

"Your first experiment," they said, "is to be the surviving test subject for our ANGEL WINGS Project."

They explained to him that they had not closed due to bankruptcy, but because they were doing illegal experiments for the ANGEL WINGS Project. They explained that all their subjects were involuntary, and had all died. When Marcus realized he was a subject for the project, he tried to escape, but he was strapped down to the bed.

Marcus knew what was coming, and his first painful process was a large .6 needle going into his neck. He went unconscious after that.

A New WorldEdit

Marcus awoke. He felt cold. He looked around himself. He was hung on two steel ropes. He looked up, and saw wings, and looked down. His torso and part of his chest were skin, but he was metal all around those parts. He saw a collection of dust everywhere, and no sign of the scientists. He was the only successful member of the AEGIS WINGS Project. He was happy, but sad. He found he had extreme agility and strength, and flipped around, cutting the steel ropes with his hands.

He looked around the facility. Everywhere there was darkness, dust, and metal. He saw light at the end of a hallway, and walked towards it. Everything was extremely high tech outside. And at the edge of what Marcus thought was Washington D.C., was electric barriers. He was located in Paragon City. Filled with crime, scum, and villainy, but also with superheroes at every corner. Marcus looked at his reflection, and saw he had wings. He busted open the dusty window, and jumped out. When he started to fall, he found he could move his wings.

For about two weeks Marcus studied his powers. He was faster, stronger, quicker, and smarter than before. The only con was, that he was a cyborg. He learned about everything around himself. His surroundings, the large amount of Superheroes and villains in the area, and everything else. So he took it upon himself to become a hero, to redeem himself. He became, the Iron Angel. He later learned that the metal he was made out of was Adamantium, but the name stuck, so he kept it.

The Rise of a HeroEdit

He found himself fighting more crime in Paragon. He fought and fought until he found himself staring into Paragon's biggest Chain Gang, the White Blood.

He fought the gang. They were like Ninjas, but the Yakuza. They used swords and other weapons, but also firearms, like the Yakuza. They wore white clothing, and always covered their faces, all but their eyes, and were very lethal.

Iron Angel lost to them.


He was captured by them, tortured every day for his good deeds. He was about at the breaking point again, when he was heavily damaged by them. Water had seep through the Nylon/Adamantium Coating on his wiring, and he had almost died. The White Blood then through him on the streets on a rainy day, and he was found by the Second Generation of the Legion of Vigilance.


Neutron and some others made repairs to him, and after, they convinced him to join the Legion of Vigilance.

He was a member of the new LoV. He learned of the Mutant Alliance, and their leader, Amalgam, and the story that happened before he awoke. He was convinced on killing Amalgam, and all her followers, and that became his primary mission. To hunt down the MA, and his secondary mission, stop crime in Paragon.


  • Iron Angel was partially modeled after Marcus Wright from Terminator Salvation.
  • Iron Angel was named as a portmanteau of Marcus Wright, (His inspiration,) and Kyle Reese, both from Terminator: Salvation.
  • Marcus was based off of Marcus Wright, from Terminator Salvation, Tony Stark, from Iron Man, and just the good, old, story of redemption.

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