the Iron Mask is a Golden Age superhero.

Bio Edit

Real Name: Jeffery "Jeff" Kincaid

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 204 lbs.

Origin Edit

When District Attorney Jeff Kincaid's fiance' was murdered by a gang of criminals, he vowed to find a way to battle the criminal underworld. Inspired by the legend of the Man in the Iron Mask, Jeff made an iron mask of his own with which to conceal his identity. As the Iron Mask, Jeff found and defeated the gang, and after leaving them for the police, he left behind a small iron face mask, which became his calling card. And so, the Iron Mask became a feared adversary of all criminals in Electric City, taking down serial killers, corrupt policemen, the whole lot. In 1940, Iron Mask was a founding member of the Justice Union, and was trapped with his fellow members in 1955 in a time warp, only to be freed by the Champions of the Earth.

Powers Edit

  • Mastry of Hand to Hand Combat
  • Peak Physical Condition
  • Superb Marksman

Weapons Edit

  • Gun

Costume Edit

Purple business suit, black gloves, black and white shoes, Iron head mask, blue tie

Enemies and their ulitmate fates Edit

  • Big Boss (still alive)
  • Jackie Spades (sent to the gas chamber in '44)
  • Gregory Green (Died of liver disease in '80)
  • the Clown (fried in the electric chair in '49)

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