Isaiah is an anti-villain in Adamantium93's fanons, The Coming Storm and Fracture of Time

History Edit

When he was very young, Isaiah was recruited as a child soldier in Uganda.  He quickly discovered his mutation, and was very powerful.  He was eventually rescued and made his way North.  As he walked, he saw more war and violence and decided that he would do something about it.  He stayed in France for a few years, studying and learning.  After awhile, he left for Canada.  Whilst in Canada, he became curious about the nation to the south and crossed the border to America.

In America, he met the Glamis Corporation, who helped him meet other mutants.  One such mutant would show him the future, and unwittingly set him on the path to his own destruction.  Isaiah decided to change the future himself.  He attempted to kill Samuel Teslar, but was stopped by Michael, Hailey, Jenny, and Maddie Young.  He fled the scene and later kidnapped Molly Collins, Michael's girlfriend.  This brought the expected response, and Michael came to fight him.  Isaiah defeated Mike as well as all the other heroes.  Just when victory seemed inevitable, he was attacked by a revived Mike and Molly.  Together, the two crushed Isaiah's bones and organs, killing him.

This is not the end of Isaiah, however.  His corpse was kept by Glamis.  Later when Matthias and the remainder of Isaiah's allies infiltrated the Glamis building, they took Isaiah's corpse with them.  The group soon came under attack by some of Glamis's mutants.  As the fight continued, it appeared that Matthias's team would lose.  Fortunately, Abraham used his mysterious powers and ressurected Isaiah, who proceeded to join in the fight.

It is implied that he participated in the assault on the Glamis building, and later was a hero in the Ugandan Civil War.

True ColorsEdit

In True Colors, Isaiah occompanies the Ugandan delegation to America. He meets with the President, Alexander Constantine, and Michael Young. He later speaks with Michael and reveals that he is dying. He is now on a final journey to tie up loose ends and perhaps find Abraham again.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Super Human Durability: Isaiah's skin is nigh inpenetrable, shown to withstand bullets and stabbing weapons.  It is also shown to block telekenisis and electricity.

Enhanced Strength: As a result of a childhood of military service, Isaiah is stronger than most normal people.  This is also helped by his immense size.

Excellent Marksman: Also a result of his military training, he is very skilled with a rifle.

Incredible Stamina: Because of his childhood in the military, he has incredible stamina and can run miles without stopping.

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