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Colossus- The man of steel
A propaganda poster with Istur
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Superhuman
Faction CoRN
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Status Supervillain
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Istur was the first Supervillain of the Coalition of Red Nations. He was made in Megatech-076, a lab in Pakistan. He tested his powers for the first time against the last Islam supporters of Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Then, he took place in the invasions in Europe where he died.



Early lifeEdit

The real name of Istur is unknown. He was born in a small and poor neighborhood in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. In the age of eighteen, he followed his father job by becoming a seller. A year later, the Coalition of Red Nations was formed. Istur believed that nothing is going to change with this. In the same year, officers from the Coalition abducted him.


The officers brought him in Megatech-076, a secret human experimentation lab. For three days, Istur remained uncontious until he was woken up by two scientists. They told him they kidnapped him to make him a Superhero of the Coalition.The next days was a drama for him. The drugs they were given to him made him suffer. Many times he tried to escape but he never made it. However, unlike the other experiements, he was tested under new drugs without dying. The changes these drugs brought to him were dramatic. He became much stronger, taller and musculus but he lost most of his intelligence. He was codenamed Istur.

Serving the CoalitionEdit


Before the beggining of the first wars, the government of the Coalition used Istur for propaganda. Istur didn't refuse to appear in public or to help the coalition. Shortly after the verification of the stability of his health, Istur started appearing on television and propaganda posters. Many people were also calling him the "Great hero of the Coalition".

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