Ivan VanHellsing

Ivan von hellsing face
BIRTH DATE: February 31st 1400
Origin: STEELPORT England
Personal Data
Real Name: Dracula IIII
Known Aliases: Ivan VonHellsing
Species: 3/5 Vampire and 1/5 Human
Age: 611
Height/Weight: 6'5"
Eye/Hair Color: Eye - redish-orange

Hair - Dark Brown

Citizenship: America, European, Mexico , Japan , Brazil, iraq , Russia
Current Residence: Manhattan, New York
Marital Status: Romantically involved with Felicia Presscot
Known Relatives:

Dracula (Father)

Catalyst (older Brother)

Hellios Vonkreed (younger Broher)

Ricardo VonKreed (younger Brother)

Felicia Presscot (Lover)

Known Powers


Hell- Fire Generation and Manipulation

Expert Marksman

Grandmaster Swordsmen

Super Strength

Super Speed

Super Intelligence

Shape shifting


Healing Factor


Training / Abilities


Hell- Fire Generation and Manipulation

Expert Marksman

Grandmaster Swordsmen

Super Strength

Super Speed

Super Intelligence

Shape shifting


Healing Factor



DUAl Desert eagle's

Long Katana

Bullet Proof extra enforced Jacket

Throwing Stars


he fought in World War I and II

Was Born in Europe and Lived there For 100 Years of his Life

Has Lived in america for 250 years of his life

lived in japan, brasil, mexico,china

Ivan VanHellsing Born Vlad IIIII Dracula February 31st 1400 is the 2nd of 4 children of the King of vampires Dracula and the daughter of Abraham Van Hellsing .He is a bounty Hunter and vampire hunter currently Leads the Lost Society a Group of mutants and Vampires who are Rejects from the world and Vow to Protect the world From evil.He is feared throughout the world as the walking dead Ivan VonHellsing he is the main character of VonHellsing Origins.


Ivan von hellsing

Full Appearance

Ivan VonHellsing has messy black hair he dresses in formal clothing a white skin tight dress shirt with a black suit vest and a red tie over it and he tops this off with a red trench coat .With skin tight black suit pants and black Boots with white Gloves.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Vampire he has immense strength that greatly suceeds a humans he can lift ten times his weight and far more with little to no struggle .Being a Vampire He can regenerate Limbs he also has a healing factor being half human he can only regenerate separate limbs not his whole body . he can also generate and control hell fire being a half vampire half human he does not need to drink blood to live but he can drink blood if he wants to. He has Amazing speed able to move at the Speed of light he is a Expert Marksmen being Born in 1400 he has had over centuries of training . He is also an master Samurai having been born in 1400 he has over centuries of training and has trained with famous samurai's. He is a master in 30 Different forms of martial arts he shown to be a very dangerous opponent .


He is a very dark person barely showing emotion he holds in his emotions he seems to have once had a bond with his mother before she was killed by a group of vampires. Which caused him to vow to protect humans and Destroy all evil.


Jake Midnight: even thou it is his job to track ivan down and bring him to the world government jake still considers him his rival and some what of a allie he saved ivan from getting blown to bits saying

"No Creature Deserves 2 Die in my Eyes esspecially my Friends"

Death D Grim: Is a Friend and Rival to ivan they have fought together numerous times and saved eachother numerous times.

Simon Fury: Is ivans Best friends having fought together in world war I and II most of the time they know exactly what eachother are thinking .They seem to be like brother.

Felicia Presscot: Is the lover of Ivan and the 2nd Women he has ever loved he proven he will do anything to save her and protect her and make her happy.


Dracula : His biggest enemie is his father who is bent on destroying all human and Mutants to create a world full of vampires.

The NAZI's : Nazis want to capture Ivan and create vampire nazi soldiers.

The World Government : seen as a dangerous animal who needs to be put to sleep.

Lady Madusa : is a villain who can turn anybody to stone just by staring at them . Ivan has constantly ruined her plans and sent her to Jail.

Dr.Vespera: Unknown how they met at first but Ivan killed His son monster and now he has created numerous monsters to kill ivan.

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