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Unknown Plant Variant


Heaven Ops, International Peace and Protection Program



Ivyweed is a member of Heaven Ops and a member of Stone Squad. He resembles a giant round talking Venus flytrap with eyes.


Ivyweed's origins tie back to World War 2, where the early American Heaven Ops found his seed in a Nazi lab. It was locked in a metal case, so the American thought it was important. However, it was disregarded until the modern day. Around the same time Razer's egg was being incubated, Ivyweed's seed was planted and grew at an alarming rate. Ivyweed reached full size in a matter of days, but remained still, so the scientists figured that he was just a really big carnivorous plant. When Ivyweed got bored, he spread out his humanoid limbs and opened his eyes, frightening the scientists. The high command of Heaven Ops saw this Ivyweed as a tool to help their cause and recruited him into the Green Marines.


Ivyweed can extend his tentacles (which are actually just vines and roots and leaves) and wrap them around victims or objects with a lot of strength. Also, he is very resilient to physical harm, and can regenerate within a few days. Ivyweed can regenerate broken limbs and heal cuts quickly. Also, Ivyweed can move through glass.


Though a walking talking plant doesn't need much equipment, Heaven Ops supplied all members with standard weapons and armor. Ivyweed has access to most equipment in the IPP. He is a support gunner, meaning he uses large, automatic weapons, such as LMGs or turrets.


Ivyweed is very good at hiding in natural habitats. Most people who do spot him think he is a dangerous meat-eating plant and keep their distance.


Ivyweed is always alert. He likes to keep his team in check. Ivyweed is the head of his family, but often turns the responsibility to Razer. He is the voice of reason in his team. He often has to counter his brother Razer's wild ideas. Ivyweed has strong usage of slang speech, which influenced his younger siblings.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Ivyweed looks similar to a Piranha Plant, but is green in color with a few different shades of other colors here and there and he has eyes and a more full body, which is basically a stem with two leafy hands and several root/vine tentacles. Since Ivyweed is a plant-animal hybrid, he can act as both. He receives nutrients by eating or absorbing it from the ground. Also, he can breathe and photosynthesize alternately according to the situation. However, when he photosynthesizes, he must remain dormant.

Heaven OpsEdit

End of WarEdit

Ivyweed and the rest of Stone Squad boarded the terrorist headquarter ship in an attempt to end the war. When word came that a missile was being fired and the controls were int hte bridge, the squad rushed to the bridge. Ivyweed attempted to grab the terrorist fleeing with the controls, but that resulted in his vine-tentacle being shot off. As they pursued the terrorist, Squad Leader Razer Raptor was attacked and the entire squad was slowed. However, Grace managed to "push" the terrorist back. Ivyweed knocked the terrorist unconscious after the terrorist announced that the missile had been fired and started laughing. As they were leaving the ship, an explosion cut them off from the rescue helicopters, and they were forced to jump ship. Ivyweed used his tentacles to grab as many marines as he could, and Hup "jumped" him and the marines on board a sea plane.

Infection OutbreakEdit

Ivyweed and Hup were assigned to help Cougar Squad clear Philadelphia. Once the city was secured, they were reassigned to assist Stone Squad in New York City, however, their chopper was hit by rockets over the city and went down in a heavily infected part of the city.

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