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JK-2100 .50 cal. long range coil rifle

A Brief HistoryEdit

Since this model's creation by Jillian Kard in 2100 a.d., it has been the staple for marksmen the world over. It is still in production, by one of the only free businesses left after the take-over of the UMFE, the JK Corporation. The gun was used in all of the wars that led up to the Earth's domination. A man named Nathaniel Stockhausen used it when he was trapped in an airport tower in the city of London, during the German-British Skirmish of 2122, making 423 kills, before the battles between the United Kingdoms and Germany ended abruptly six days later. Thay say that the last gun fired by the Chinese was not of their own models, but this American classic.

Weapon StatsEdit

  • Clip Capacity 10 rounds
  • Barrel Length 50"
  • Magnetic Coils 20 half inch coils
  • Scope15x
  • Ammunition 3" .50 caliber steel sharp slugs
  • Range 1500 yards
  • Power fission battery (Self-charging)

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