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Jack Mason Hill
Created By: UndeadHero
Origin: Civil War Soldier
Personal Data
Real Name: Jack Mason Hill
Known Aliases: "Mad Trigger"

"The Tennessee Train Wrecker"

Species: Human
Age: 42
Height: 6" 0' (183 cm)
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Train Robber

"The Chosen One"

Place of Birth: Boydsburg, Tennessee
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Advanced Vision

Uncanny Accuracy


Known Abilities
None known
Cattleman Revolver

Remmington Shotgun


Fought in the Civil War

Has a bounty for 750 Dollars

Jack "The Mad Trigger" Hill is the protagonist to "Wilder then the West" series and a former outlaw, currently wanted in Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee for "Unknown Reasons". He resides in the small town of Silver Springs, Texas protecting the inhabitants (along with other surrounding towns and forts) from the evil of Coquetzahoel, an Aztec God of Punishment and Injustice, in the year 1869.


Jack Hill, being an outlaw, is often seen wearing a tattered vest along with a dark, almost tarnish undershirt. A brown leather belt with a gold belt buckle holds up his black trousers. He also wears brown riding boots, along with a black cowboy hat which holds a small white feather in the strap. His belt also holds two holsters, one for each gun, and a strap along his chest that holds the Winchester Rifle. He also hides his bowie knife in his boot.

Hill also has shoulder length charcoal black hair, usual and a beard that encircles his mouth and goes up to his hair, three scars on the left side of his face. He also has two smaller scars across his nose. His eyes are a golden hazel, his face also seems to show some wear-and-tear on it which could be because he was hardened by the Civil War.


Hill has two dominant traits, a ridiculously good gunslinger, and a sense of seriousness over him. He is a blunt speaker, not willing to sugarcoat anything with wasteful talk. He also is a drinker and a gambler but knows when to stop on both occasions before he goes over board. He is very confident in his abilities and often trusts himself where others may not, such as leaping over a large crevice without thinking of stopping.

Hill also doesn't talk about a lot of things, such as his time in the Civil War with the exception of being part of the Union Side and being the rank of Captain. Hill also doesn't like to talk about his family, due to his parent's abusive behavior. Hill, for the most part, knows the difference between good and evil quite well and said that he has robbed five different banks without killing anyone ever.



Not much is known about Jack Hill's childhood, with the small exception of Jack's rants about his "Drunkard of a dad, a whore of a mom". He grew up in the state of Maryland, his father served in the US Army during the Texas War of Independence and was nearly killed multiple times in the Battle of Alamo. His mother, according to Hill, was a prostitute. It is reported that both parents died sometime in 1859, according to Col. Thompson asking him to see their graves because it's been Twenty years. Jack joined the Army in 1860 at the age of 24.

Army RecordsEdit

According Lewis Thompson and Jack Hill himself, Hill was a captain in the US Army after surpassing other privates in Basic Training and the first captain being killed in the Battle of Manassass. 

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Colonel Lewis Maynard Thompson and Jack Hill go back a few years to the Civil War, Lewis being a "Johnny Reb" and Jack being a "Billy Yank" They often fought each other with deep hatred, which continues into the modern day (Of the series). Though Thompson seems to have soften his hatred, after refusing to shoot Jack after he was offered by Jack Hill himself. Thompson, when fighting with Hill, often tries to save Hill having a feeling that only he can end this nightmare and the quote that "Rivals ain't good dead".

  • April Tuesday
  • Mayor Carl Herts


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