Early LifeEdit

James Cutler, is the arch nemesis of Perfidus. He is the drug king pin of Gotham City. He was born Feburary 14th 1963, in the Cutler Household. His father was also an affluent Drug Kingpin, and his mom was a crack addict, that died on the streets. His father paid for the best education in Gotham for his dear James. James was the only person that his father cared about. The father was very protective of his son, and forced him to learn Brazillian Ju-Jitsu, Hapkido, TKD, Karate, MMA, and Boxing. He became a very talented fighter. He was a very dangerous person from a very young age. He broke a kids neck when he was just 4 years old. Bodyguards followed him everywhere he went. All of them were 6 ft 10 or taller, and absolute solid muscle, most of them 300 lbs. He graduated Valedictorian of his class, and valedictorian of Harvard, and Harvard Law. And then he became a Doctor, of Education which he was also valedictorian. He was extremly smart, and extremly cunning. 

Drug King PinEdit

Due to most of his life being confidential, up to college is were information goes blank. All that is known is his networth is 400 billion dollars. He has used Drug money to buy oil rigs,which helped him start an oil buisness, which also gained him billions. He took many calculated risks, like in 1980 buying a GIANT share in Apple Inc, and Microsoft Inc. That also made him many millions. Rumors are said, that he controls the mayor of Gotham using money to bend him to his will. And plus the inheritence of his father 20 billion dollars more. So in turn, his networth is 420 billion

PicturesEdit XS

The Father of James Cutler


Sitting in his chair, in his house outside his Cuban Oil/Cotton/Cigar factory. He is smoking a cuban cigar fresh made during that day

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