Early LifeEdit

He was born August 18th 1999 in Gotham City, he was 8 lbs. 7 ounces, at 2:37 AM in Gotham City Hospital. His real name was James Salem, the son of a poor lower class family in the ghettos of Gotham. He witnessed his parents murdered at age 1. He was taken by someone who works for "The League of Assassins". He was trained all his life in gymnastics, and Martial Arts. They saw something special in him, so he was trained in everything they knew. He was sent to Gotham at age 14 to hunt down Damian Wayne in 2013, and to kill Batman. He was so well trained, that he could hold his own against just about anyone. 

Skirmish with Batman and Damien Wayne, and Meeting Jason ToddEdit

Batman and Damien were patrolling, and an unknown force was following them. But out of nowhere, something knocked Damian off the building they were on, and off the side of it. Batman turned around, and was kicked in the head. Batman fired back, and fought with him until Batman was struck down with a jump back kick that broke Batmans ribs. He then just knocked out Batman, Damian still being on the side of the building skrimished with James. But James was able to easily TOY with Damien Wayne, and then spin hook kicked him and knocked him out so he was laying next to Batman. Jason todd was watching the entire time, he jumped down onto the building, and said "Good Job young man, you have hurt the batman, and knocked him out". He said "come join me, and we can save this city from threats like Batman, James said "ok". And a journey began..


Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 12.45.58 PM

2 hours before he attacked Batman, in his suit

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