Tenure as Robin and Early TimeEdit

He was the son of a Tae Kwon Do master instructor in Gotham. He was put into Tae Kwon Do at age 4, when he was aloud to start. He was just a normal kid, besides the fact that he competed all across the country in martial arts contests. He was on the Junior American Olympic Demonstration Team based out of Metropolis. He spent alot of time in Metropolis were his Uncle Earl lived, who he stayed with during demonstrations. At age 6 he started gymnastics due to a peaked interest. He was ranked 1# in Gotham City for most awards awarded in all age classes. Billionare Playboy Bruce Wayne once went to a contest because he heard of all the hype this kid was getting. He had just lost the girl Robin and he had not met Damien Wayne yet, so he needed a Robin and he knew it. So after the show, he snuck backstage, and chlorophorm ragged him and put him in the trunk. Batman, as desperate as he was taught him everything he knew. He was the best acrobat, and fighter Bruce had ever had. But one day, when he met Damien Wayne, he basically forgot about James Shaw and he sat in Wayne Manor all day and night while Damien and Batman were out fighting crime. He helped Alfred while they were out, and watched TV. He lived as just a child of Bruce, until one day he got inspired listening to music in his room, and snuck into the Batcave, he stole a HUGE supply of emergency money (69.7 million dollars) to be exact. He put it all in a foreign bank in Switzerland. He took his, and 7 different prototype Robin costumes. He took weapons, and some of Bruces finest technology he used for the Batsuit. He even took a batsuit, a prototype that was still being tested. He took the Flying Hover board that Bruce got as a gift and left. He bought an apartment in outer Gotham. When Bruce found out he left, he went on a big search for James. And much to the suprise of Bruce, he could not find him. He was very well hidden, in plain sight. Until one night, when Damien and Bruce were out looking for Red Hood to see if he knew anything of his wereabouts, a shadow swopped in and took Damien. Bruce followed the Shadow, and he found James Shaw holding a gun to Damiens head. In rage, Batman and James Shaw fought it out. They fought hard until Bruce was hit in the side of the head with a brick so hard it knocked him out. And since then, James Shaw has acted as both an asset, and a thorn in Batmans side.


- Jason Todd

- Dick Grayson (Indirect)

- Red Robin (Indirect)

- Batman (Indirect, More Neutral)

- Alfred


- The Joker

- Damien Wayne (Out of Jealousy)

-  The Penguin

- Jason Todds thugs

- The Penguin

- 2 Face

- All other Batman Enemies

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