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"This was Japan's final stand. Our final stand. We had all we needed, and we were keeping it."
—A member of the battle, 5 years later.

Japan's Last Stand was an event that happened one month after the Nuclear Bombings in the Americas, and two weeks before the UABM formation. Japan was sending a supply boat to an aircraft carrier, just in case the nearby Communist China decided to act. Upon reaching a refuel station on a very small island near the carrier, Chinese ambushed the Japanese, and before long, as hundreds of supply vessels were marooned, Japanese soldiers poured in.

The resistance was tough, and the battle went on for about two days, until the Japanese finally prevailed. They had shown their strength.

This event played much importance in the Joint Committee of Unaligned Nations, urging Japan to join the UABM. Eventually, they did, and another month after most Japanese citizens moved into Celeste, the UABM Space Station, Japan was bombed, increasing the size of the Continental Wasteland.

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